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What Is the Most Common Type of Truck Accident?

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) explains that two-vehicle accidents are the most common type of truck accident. This differs from two single-vehicle accidents, including those between a truck and pedestrian, bicyclist, or another non-motorized vehicle.

Two-vehicle accidents are a broad category of collision type. Several more specific accident types involve trucks, each of which poses a danger to victims.

More Truck Accident Types

Truck accident types involving a single vehicle include:

  • Truck-on-pedestrian collisions
  • Truck-on-bicyclist collisions
  • Truck-on-building collision
  • Rollover accidents involving a single vehicle

These accident types pose a great risk of injury and death to victims. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and others struck directly by a truck have no substantial protection. The victim’s body generally takes the whole impact of the accident, which in truck accidents is substantial.

Types of Multivehicle Truck Accidents

Truck accidents often occur when a truck strikes another vehicle or vice versa. There are several types of multivehicle truck accidents, including:

  • Read-end collisions: Because trucks weigh substantially more than passenger vehicles, they have a lesser ability to stop quickly. When truckers fail to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them, they may cause a rear-end collision.  Distractions such as cell phone use, computer use or watching videos are a leading cause of rear-end collisions.
  • Head-on collisions: Although head-on collisions are not the most common accident type,hey pose an outsized risk of causing serious injury and death. The laws of physics dictate that two vehicles that collide while driving in opposite directions put immense force on accident victims’ bodies, increasing injury risk as a result.
  • Jackknife collisions: When a truck’s cab and trailer slide into an abnormal position, they may fold into an acute angle that looks similar to a folded pocket knife. When this occurs, it means the truck “jackknifed.” When this position causes a truck to collide with other vehicles, it is a jackknife collision. 
  • Side-impact collisions: When a truck strikes another vehicle at a 90-degree or near-90-degree angle, it’s known as a side-impact collision. This type of accident is especially dangerous for anyone sitting on the side of the vehicle that the truck strikes. 

Two vehicles can come into contact in many ways. Whether you’ve suffered injuries because of an accident type listed here, or another accident type not listed, you may deserve compensation for your damages.

Pedestrians and Passenger Vehicle Occupants Face the Greatest Danger From a Truck Accident

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) notes that passenger vehicle occupants die more often than truck occupants when two vehicles collide. When a truck strikes a pedestrian or bicyclist, the individual struck by the truck also faces the greatest risk of injury and death. This is because:

  • Large trucks substantially outweigh smaller vehicles, meaning the truck has a greater capacity to crush the smaller vehicle (or pedestrian).
  • Large truck cabs are taller than most passenger vehicles, which may protect the truck driver from direct impact during a collision.

Because trucks have such a great capacity to cause harm, truck drivers and trucking companies must always exercise the utmost caution. Dangerous driving, defective trucks, and other hazards can have life-changing and even deadly consequences for accident victims.

I Was in a Truck Accident in Texas: What Should I Do Now?

Getting medical attention is a top priority after a truck accident. If you are feeling pain at the scene do not hesitate to go to the hospital for immediate medical evaluation. You should get a thorough medical examination because:

  • You must ensure you are not in immediate danger from accident-related injuries.
  • You should get a detailed treatment plan to ensure you are working toward recovery and preventing your injuries from getting worse.
  • You want to establish a direct connection between your truck accident and resulting injuries.

And remember, after your truck accident if you are having difficulty locating a doctor or clinic, Domingo Garcia will find you one that will wait for payment until your case settles.  We will make sure you are seen by a medical doctor within 24 hours of contacting our office–many times we can get you in the same day.

How Can a Lawyer Help After a Truck Accident?

A personal injury lawyer from our firm can seek the financial recovery that you deserve after a truck accident by:

  • Identifying liable parties: Truck drivers and trucking companies are common defendants in truck accident cases. However, each case is different, so our team will review every detail of your accident before determining liability.
  • Building your case with evidence: We will speak with witnesses, photograph vehicle damage, get a police report, and perhaps even reconstruct your truck accident with an expert’s help. Evidence will tell the story of your accident.
  • Documenting your damages: We will secure medical records, images of your injuries, invoices for vehicle repairs, and other relevant documentation of your damages. This documentation will help prove the cost of your truck accident.
  • Seeking a fair settlement: Our team will fight for the settlement you deserve. We are ready to take your case to court if necessary.

Truck accidents can be fatal. If your loved one passed away in a truck accident, we’ll lead your legal case with the utmost compassion.

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