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Widow of construction worker killed in Lewisville trench collapse files suit against city, construction companies

Home » Widow of construction worker killed in Lewisville trench collapse files suit against city, construction companies

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This week Attorney Domingo Garcia filed a lawsuit on behalf of the widow of a construction worker who died in a trench collapse in Lewisville, Texas. This lawsuit was filed against the City of Lewisville and several companies involved in the project. On behalf of the widow, Saira Noemi Sandoval De La Rosa, we are seeking more than $1 million in damages as a result of negligence and vicarious liability.

The defendants of this lawsuit failed to follow safety protocols, provide necessary safety equipment, and offer proper training, leading to the fatal accident. The victim, Alberto Agustin Sandoval Cabello, was working on a project to replace streets and utility lines when the trench collapsed, trapping and killing him. The lawsuit highlights the devastating impact on Cabello’s family, particularly his wife and two young children who depended on him as the sole breadwinner.

There was a total failure to follow OSHA protocols and guidelines in the trench. There should’ve been a safety box to avoid the type of cave-in that occurred,” Garcia said in an interview with WFAA. “This was a recipe for disaster, and unfortunately, now you have a widow because of the company’s negligence.”


De La Rosa’s husband, Alberto Agustin Sandoval Cabello, was under the direction and working for the defendants when he died on the job site in a project to replace streets, water and wastewater lines. Cabello was working when the walls of the trench he was in suddenly collapsed, trapping him underground without a means of escape, killing him.


“Defendants owed him the duty to provide a safe place to work, warn of dangers, provide necessary instrumentalities and safety equipment to safely perform work,” the lawsuit states. “They failed to provide harness, lifeline, and other necessary equipment to protect workers from trenches collapse.”


The suit also argues that the defendants failed to provide the necessary safety training and appropriate trench protective systems. It is a direct result of these actions, the suit argues, that the fatal accident occurred.


“The defendants knew the risks involved for [Cabello] to do his job in a safe manner, but nevertheless failed to provide ordinary care in his job performance and performing of defendants’ services,” the suit reads.

It is very important to hold companies and people liable for injury, or even death, accountable for their mistakes. Not only does your family and your loved ones deserve justice, but we need to ensure companies take precautions to prevent injuries and harm. If you or a loved one has been injured at work please call my Texas Personal Injury attorneys for a free consultation right now.

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    Meet Domingo

    Attorney Domingo Garcia has led an active civic, legal and political career. He was born in Midland, Texas and grew up in Dallas, Texas. He received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of North Texas in 1980.

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