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Texas Leads the Nation in Oil-Industry Deaths

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One of the most serious health and safety hazards for workers in Texas is deaths related to oil and gas extraction. According to recent data compiled by the Texas Tribune, the number of fatalities associated with the oil and gas industry in the state has risen rapidly in recent years. Texas is the leader in deaths in this industry, making it the leading cause of workplace deaths in Texas.

In 2017, there were 81 worker deaths related to oil and gas extraction in the state. This alarming statistic reflects a 62 percent increase from 2016, when there were only 50 fatalities associated with the industry. The article from the Texas Tribune also highlighted some of the main causes of these deaths, such as vehicle accidents, well bore pressure, and falls to name a few.

Common Oil-Field Work Injuries in Texas

  1. Falls from elevated heights while working near wells or pipelines.
  2. Asphyxiations due to toxic gas releases.
  3. Electric shocks from faulty wiring.
  4. Heat stroke due to prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures.
  5. Traumatic brain injuries due to explosions or heavy machinery accidents.
  6. Crushing injuries from machinery rollovers.
  7. Vehicle accidents while traveling to and from oil fields.
  8. Burns from contact with combustible substances.
  9. Exposure to hazardous chemicals such as benzene or hydrogen sulfide.

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