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Terrelle Bynum

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Terrelle Bynum - Attorney at the Law Office of Domingo Garcia

Terrelle Bynum

Litigation Attorney – Houston

Phone:  (713) 349-1500
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In the intricate realm of legal representation, Terrelle Bynum stands out as a thoughtful and dedicated advocate. Terrelle approaches each case with a deep sense of responsibility and a commitment to understanding the individual narratives of his clients.

His journey in the legal field has been both enlightening and expansive. With experiences stemming from his time with the Los Angeles Public Defender’s office and a track record of over 20 jury trials, Terrelle has honed his skills and cultivated a balanced perspective on the law. Each case is more than just a file; it’s an opportunity to listen, understand, and genuinely support someone in their time of need.

Outside the rigors of the courtroom, Terrelle’s approach is grounded in compassion. Throughout his career, Terrelle has been exposed to a myriad of personal stories that mold each legal battle, teaching him the invaluable lesson of seeing beyond law to appreciate the human element in every situation. This approach isn’t just about reaching a verdict but ensuring that each decision is just, fair, and rooted in understanding. Terrelle’s commitment isn’t just to the law but to the individuals he represents, ensuring they feel understood, valued, and supported throughout their journey.

The foundation of Terrelle’s legal aptitude lies in his academic studies. Graduating with a Juris Doctor from Mercer University School of Law and graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Philosophy from Morehouse College, his educational pursuits reflect a dedication to continuous learning and growth. His affiliations with organizations such as the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society offer a window into his commitment to both personal and professional development.

Balancing the demands of a dynamic legal career, Terrelle also values personal growth and family time. Away from the legal world, he finds joy in life’s simpler moments. In his downtime, Terrelle treasures quality time with his wife and son and playing tennis or golf.

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    Meet Domingo

    Attorney Domingo Garcia has led an active civic, legal and political career. He was born in Midland, Texas and grew up in Dallas, Texas. He received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of North Texas in 1980.

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