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Dallas Product Liability Lawyer

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Dallas Product Liability Lawyer

When dangerous or defective products injure people, the product manufacturer could be at fault. Our Dallas product liability lawyer could help you pursue compensation for your injuries and other losses if you got hurt by a flawed product. 

If your loved one passed away because of a defective product, our Dallas Product Liability attorneys can file a lawsuit for the family members of the wrongful death victim  At Domingo Garcia, we know that catastrophic injuries caused by defective products can lead to lifelong expensive medical treatment. You should not have to pay for any medical expenses or other losses caused by someone else’s negligence. 

We Can Help You Navigate Your Dallas Product Liability Case

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 82.001 allows people who are injured because of defects in products to take legal action. When a defective product injures you, our Dallas personal injury lawyer can help you by: 

  • Gathering evidence to prove the defective product was the reason you got hurt 
  • Communicating with any parties involved in your case, such as the product manufacturer 
  • Filing a lawsuit against the company that manufactured or sold the defective product 

At Domingo Garcia, we have experience helping clients who suffered injuries because of a defective product. We have helped our clients receive multi-million dollar case settlements. 

Recently, we recovered $3,850,000 for a family of a wrongful death victim who was killed when a defectively manufactured concrete pump collapsed at the work site. 

Damages You Can Recover in Product Liability Cases

The amount of compensation you could pursue will depend on the facts of your situation. Every case is different. Some damages we can help you recover include:

  • Medical care: The cost of the medical treatment you needed for your wounds or medical condition caused by the defective product. Initial expenses can include things like the ambulance, emergency room, doctors, hospitals, operations, and diagnostic procedures. Additional costs can be physical therapy, equipment, pain management medication, and other related items.
  • Lost income: If you miss time from work without pay because of your injuries or medical treatments from a defective product, your lost income could be recoverable. 
  • Reduced earning capacity: If you cannot make as much money as you once did because of your defective product injuries, you can recover compensation for lost earning capacity. 
  • Pain and suffering: Your injuries could lead to severe pain and suffering, which you can get compensation for. 
  • Mental anguish: You may face anxiety, depression, or other forms of mental anguish after a defective product hurts you. 
  • Wrongful death damages: If your loved one passed away because of a defective product, you can recover damages such as their final medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, and loss of consortium. 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: Your injuries could prevent you from participating in your favorite hobby or interacting with friends and family in the same way as you once did. We can help you fight for compensation after experiencing this loss. 

Types of Defects that Can Be the Basis for a Product Liability Case

Most product liability claims have their basis in one of these three legal grounds: 

Defective Design

Even products that were manufactured correctly can have a defective design. This can put users in danger.

Sometimes, the design does not take into account all of the perceivable factors that could be present when the item gets used in real life. Heat, humidity, and ordinary wear and tear sometimes get miscalculated in the design stage.

Defective Manufacture

The object might have a brilliant design, but as the manufacturer tries to increase its profits by substituting low-quality materials when making the product, the item might fail when used. The design might specify that a certain grade of component should get used to standing up to the stresses of everyday use.

Insufficient or Incorrect Warnings or Instructions

A product could present known risks. The item should come with adequate warnings about those dangers. When a product must get assembled by the consumer, the packaging should include sufficient instructions on how to put the item together correctly so that it will not collapse or otherwise fail and injure someone.

Our Dallas product liability attorney will help you build your case for compensation. Please do not wait too long to reach out to us about your possible product liability case. In Texas, you only have two years from the date of the incident or the date of discovery to file a product liability lawsuit under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003. In some situations, you might be further limited if the product is over 15 years old. Missing the deadline could cost you your entire case.   It is important to contact us immediately for FREE advice as to the time limits that apply to your case.

What to Do After a Defective Product Hurts You

After you were injured by a defective product, the first thing you should do is seek medical help. A doctor can assess your injuries and create a medical record for you. This medical record can serve as proof that there is a link between the product and your injuries.

Next, you should:

  • Gather evidence: Evidence can include the product itself and the packaging it came in. Any photos or videos of the product’s defects and your injuries can also be useful information for building your case.
  • Keep a log of how you feel: Writing down how you feel and how your injuries are affecting you can help us prove you suffered damages.
  • Contact our firm: Reach out to a member of our team. We can offer you a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

If you suffered an injury while using a product correctly and you think there was something wrong with the item, you can reach out to a Dallas product liability attorney to find out if you might be eligible to file a claim or lawsuit for your injuries.

How Legal Fees Work With Our Dallas Product Liability Attorney

Domingo Garcia handles product liability cases on a contingency-fee-basis. In other words, you will not have to pay any upfront legal fees to get our help on your case.

Instead, we get paid a portion of the settlement money or a jury award. You owe us nothing out-of-pocket.

Getting Started on Your Case With Domingo Garcia

At Domingo Garcia, we work hard to help people who get injured due to the negligence of others. Our team will defend your rights while you focus on getting better. You can contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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