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Tyler Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

The men and women who work on oil rigs in Tyler are a vital part of our economy and our everyday lives. Oil field workers help us power our cars, homes, and more. As essential as oil fields are, they are also dangerous places to work. If you or someone you love was injured doing oil field work, our Tyler oil rig accident lawyer can help.

At Domingo Garcia, we are dedicated to helping injured oil rig workers and their families recover financial compensation. You deserve to focus on getting better. Our law office will delve into the details of your accident. The investigation we conduct will prove its cause and its financial aftermath. We will also handle communication and negotiation on your behalf.

What Is an Oil Rig?

An oil rig is a massive piece of equipment. It is used to drill deep into the earth to find and extricate oil. They can vary greatly in purpose, size, mobility, and permanence. Oil rigs can be sizeable enough to include housing accommodations. They can also be small enough to find oil and be moved when oil extractors arrive.

An oil rig can also include trucks, buses, and more. They are dangerous pieces of complex machinery with huge moving parts. Oil rigs, equipment, and machinery can also include electrical, chemical, and other components that increase their potential hazards.

How Dangerous Oil Rig Accidents Happen

At Domingo Garcia, we know intricate it can be to investigate the cause of your accident. Our personal injury law firm in Tyler, TX can uncover the negligence that led to your accident. OSHA statistics point to some of the negligence that can cause oil rig accidents which can include the following:

  • Same level falls and falls from heights: Oil rigs are particularly dangerous places to fall. There are many dangerous surfaces you might strike when you fall on them. They are also many different objects you might strike or collide with during your fall.
  • Caught-in and caught-between accidents: This kind of accident can cause crushing injuries that can be fatal or result in catastrophic limb loss.
  • Explosions and fires: These can result from gas leaks or other dangerous substances and can lead to severe injuries and sudden fatalities.
  • Electrocutions: Extremely dangerous, these accidents are listed among OSHA’s fatal four — accidents that commonly lead to loss of life.
  • Defective equipment: Faulty machinery can cause serious injuries. They can also be caused by defective protective gear intended to shield employees.

Inadequate oversight and training can also lead to injuries. Employees who are not properly trained and supervised are far more likely to make dangerous errors. Negligent inspections and failure to correct known violations can cause oil rig accidents, as well.

Our law firm will collect evidence that proves why your accident happened. The evidence we collect will help us fight for you. It will also help us steer your case toward a settlement versus a court case.

Frequently Reported Oil Rig Accident Injuries

The dangerous conditions of oil rig work can lead to life-changing injuries. If injuries from an oil rig accident changed your life, we can help. Our legal team will assess your injuries, treatment plan, and prognosis.

We help oil rig workers pursue compensation for injuries including:

  • Limb or digit loss: Being stuck in between dangerous equipment or reaching into machinery can cause immediate amputations or lead to mandatory amputations.
  • Head, brain, and skull injuries: An oil rig can be full of moving, falling, or flying objects, sparks, and debris. Head injuries can range from cracked skulls to traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
  • Electrical and chemical burns: These injuries are caused by explosions, fires, and contact with toxic substances. Not only can they damage your lungs and overall health, but they can also cause lifelong disfigurement.

Paralysis is also among the devastating injuries that can happen on an oil rig. Paralysis can be full or partial and temporary or permanent. Your medical records will provide details on the extent and duration of paralyzing injuries.

Your injuries and treatment protocol are part of your medical records. We will request them to prove the toll your injuries have taken. They will also help us document the medical costs you have incurred to date. Your written prognosis will help us prove the costs your injuries and recovery are expected to incur after your case has been resolved.

Oil Field Accident Fatality Statistics

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) research, the state of Texas led the nation in oil rig fatalities in 2017. Of 431 oil rigs, there were 44 fatalities. The majority of fatally injured workers were under 30 years old and had been employed on an oil rig for less than a year.

If your family lost one of its members in an oil rig accident, you are entitled to financial compensation.

Compensation Our Oil Rig Accident Lawyer Pursues for Clients in Tyler

Building a strong financial compensation case can be a daunting task. On your own, it can be difficult to understand the full range of damages you are entitled to recover. At Domingo Garcia, we pursue compensation for every type of recoverable damage to which you are entitled. Our goal is to make sure your post-injury financial needs are met and to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses after an oil rig accident can include the following:

  • Ambulance and emergency room fees
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation costs
  • Surgical procedures
  • Specialized burn treatment
  • Limb amputation and replacement
  • Psychological health care expenses

Our case assessment team will obtain your medical records and bills to make sure every physician, specialist, and facility is included in your case. We will continue to request them as they accrue since your medical needs can be ongoing.

Loss of Wages

An accident in an oil field can cause injuries serious enough to temporarily or permanently prevent you from going back to work. We request compensation for the wages you miss until you recover and can return to work.

If your injuries are permanent, we fight to recover appropriate compensation. We request copies of your employment and salary history to ensure your lost wages are accurately calculated. You can also recover damages for the loss of your future earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering

Your compensation request can include physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering. Physical pain and suffering include the physical discomfort and anguish of your injuries. It also includes the pain and distress of the recovery process.

Mental and emotional pain and suffering includes any psychological counseling and support you require. Mental health care support can help you cope with the aftermath of the accident. It can also help you cope with the physical and lifestyle changes forced on you by your injuries.

Disability or Disfigurement

The injuries you or a loved one sustain in a Texas oil rig accident can change your life in many ways. The nature of the industry, its heavy equipment, and other factors can lead to disfiguring injuries, bone breaks, limb loss, and severe burns. They can also lead to fatalities that devastate entire families.

The costs of treating or correcting these injuries can last for months, years, or a lifetime. Our law firm holds the negligent party responsible for these expenses.

Wrongful Death Compensation

The loss of someone you love in an oil field accident can be devastating. Your family has our sympathy and heartfelt condolences. You also have our commitment to fight for the compensation you need and deserve. While we work on your case, your family can concentrate on helping each other through your loss.

Damages we recover for your family can include recouping the costs of your loved one’s funeral and burial. We request compensation for your family’s mental and emotional anguish. In addition, you can recover the following losses:

  • Loss of your loved one’s income
  • Loss of your loved one’s domestic support
  • Loss of consortium and companionship
  • Loss of parental affection and guidance
  • Loss of counsel and comfort

If your loved one had survived their fatal accident, they would have had the basis of a personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit. Your family is entitled to recover these damages on their behalf.

Family Members Who Can File a Wrongful Death Action in Texas

The loss of a family member will affect the entire family. In Texas, though, only certain family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit. According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code section § 71.004, qualified family members include:

  • The deceased person’s spouse
  • The deceased person’s children
  • The deceased person’s parents

At Domingo Garcia, we are committed to helping your family get financial and emotional support. Our oil rig accident lawyer serving surviving families in Tyler will explain which member of your family should file your wrongful death action.

Civil Compensation Statutes of Limitations in Texas

Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003 defines the time you have to file a civil action in Tyler. In general, you have two years:

  • From the date you or a loved one was injured
  • From the date of a loved one’s demise

While mandatory, the statute of limitations is also complicated. If it expires, you will be prohibited from filing your lawsuit at all. If you manage to file it after the expiration date, it will be dismissed without ever being heard.

Our familiarity with Texas law means we will not let this happen. Compliance is a pivotal part of your case, so the sooner we get involved, the better.

Additional Benefits of Early Legal Intervention

Investigating an oil rig accident is a lengthy and complex legal matter. In addition, your injuries can prevent you from actively participating in your case. If your family lost a loved one in a fatal accident, you need time to cope with your loss.

When you turn to our law firm for support, we get to work on your case right away. It allows us to ensure the appropriate filing deadline is met. It also means we can locate and interview witnesses while their memories are vivid.

We will also canvass the accident site. We may identify coworkers or other witnesses who captured images or videos on their smartphones. Finally, we will request photos and videos from security and other on-site cameras.

Our Law Firm Will Explain Oil Field Workers’ Right to Safe Working Conditions

Oil rig and oil field workers face potential dangers on a daily basis. At Domingo Garcia, our oil rig accident lawyer serving Tyler is your advocate. We stay current on safety issues, workers’ rights, and employers’ responsibilities.

If the accident you were involved in was caused by one or more violations of state or federal safety regulations, we can help. We will identify the at-fault party and their insurer and fight for the compensation you need to start putting your life back together.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations

OSHA is the government agency responsible for setting, monitoring, and maintaining safety standards in oil fields and many other industries. OSHA’s oil field regulations include:

  • Work surfaces storage and safety issues
  • Employee protective equipment guidelines
  • Machinery condition and maintenance
  • Electrical equipment and flammable materials
  • Blow out protection and workover operations

Any OSHA violations are serious and could provide grounds that support your case for personal injury compensation.

Texas Enacts Its Own Safety Regulations

The state of Texas takes the safety of its oilfield and oil rig workforce seriously. Chapter 3 of the Texas Administrative Code outlines the state’s safety measures. They include:

  • Requiring specific permits for digging a well
  • Circumstance and project-specific well depth
  • Financial penalties for risks to human life
  • Financial penalties for risks to the environment
  • Storage guidelines for oil and other materials

If the company you work for has violated any Texas law, our investigation will uncover it. We will hold them financially responsible for the violations that led to your accident and injuries.

Domingo Garcia Is Passionate About Fighting for Oil Field Workers in Tyler

If you or someone you love was injured in an oil field accident, recovery can be time-consuming and stressful. You deserve time to focus your energy and attention on your recovery or on helping a loved one through their recovery. While you do, our legal team will get to work on your case. We will:

  • Build your case file with compelling documents and evidence
  • Handle communication and settlement negotiations for you
  • Prepare your lawsuit if a favorable settlement cannot be reached

You are never alone in your fight, and we never stop fighting for you. At Domingo Garcia, our oil rig accident lawyer representing clients in Tyler is your advocate.

Preparing a Strong Case File

Your case file contains the evidence that proves your accident’s cause and resulting costs. We create a robust collection of evidence that includes:

  • Medical records, bills, and testimonials
  • Accident scene and injury photos
  • Security and surveillance footage
  • Statements from witnesses and coworkers
  • Building and equipment inspection reports

Our investigation and the resulting collection of evidence will prove your right to financial compensation. It will also help us document your economic losses (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) and non-economic damages (pain and suffering, physical impairment, etc.)

Negotiating a Favorable Settlement

Without legal guidance and support, settlement negotiations between you and the at-fault party’s insurance company can be challenging. Leave communication and negotiation to us.

We will provide:

  • Familiarity with insurance law and insurance matters
  • Personalize, communicative legal care and support
  • Spanish-language assistance whenever needed
  • Relief from medical debt until your case is resolved
  • Regular case updates on new progress and developments

We also clarify legal and insurance language to ensure you understand every aspect of your case. Regardless of how complex your case is, we offer a risk-free, client-focused fee structure. Instead of hourly attorney’s fees, our fee is contingent on your resulting settlement or trial verdict. If your case does not result in compensation, you owe us no fees at all.

Filing Your Lawsuit

The majority of personal injury cases like yours will be settled without going to court. Our representation goal is to obtain the best possible monetary outcome for you. If the at-fault party’s insurer does not make an acceptable settlement offer, we will not hesitate to take your case to court.

If that happens, we will prepare your evidence and exhibits for court. Our goal at trial is to prove negligence caused your accident and resulting injuries by:

  • Documenting your employer’s failure to meet OSHA safety regulations
  • Proving faulty equipment did not meet OSHA safety standards
  • Faulty or defective equipment was not recalled when found to be flawed
  • Employees or subcontracted employees were not properly trained

Your rights as an injured client are important. Our legal team will ensure you are aware of your rights and your employer’s responsibility. We also clarify legal and insurance matters and fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

Our History of Personal Injury Case Results

Oil field workers who are injured, and the surviving families of fatally injured workers, are entitled to recover monetary damages. Compensation can help you and your family cover the costs of medical care for an injured loved one and meet your family’s ongoing needs.

Our history of oil field industry financial awards includes a $1,075,000 settlement for an oilfield blowout incident. Additional personal injury results for injured workers include the following:

  • A $26,500,000 jury verdict for failure to provide proper training on fall protection equipment
  • A $5,000,000 settlement for injuries resulting from a construction scaffolding accidental fall case
  • A $3,175,000 settlement for a hand amputation resulting from a company’s failure to maintain its equipment

Find additional examples of client awards on our case results page and learn more about how hard we fight for the rights of our injured clients.

Liability Options at a Tyler, TX Oil Rig Accident

Every employee at every workplace deserves a safe working environment. In high-risk careers, employees should have certainty that every possible safety measure is being taken on their behalf.

Negligence has no place on a Texas oil rig. It does occur, though, and in an oil field or on an oil rig can occur in a lot of ways. As your legal representative, we will hold the negligent accountable. The key to securing compensation is:

  • Proving the specific negligence that caused your accident
  • Identifying the negligent person or entity

Both of these factors mean proving the legal elements of negligence — duty, breach, causation, and damages. In oil rig cases, this can be complex. Let us handle it for you. We can prove these elements with compelling evidence.


The at-fault party was responsible for your safety, the safety of machinery and equipment, and the safety of your worksite. Parties who might owe oil rig workers a duty of care include employers, manufacturers, property owners, contractors, and sub-contractors.


The at-fault party did not meet their safety obligation. Breach can be established by proving a machinery flaw or defect or by proving improper maintenance. Breach of duty can also occur if employees were not adequately trained. This area of negligence also includes failing to provide appropriate safety gear or instruction on safety protocols.


Our investigation will prove the negligent party’s action — or their failure to take appropriate action — caused your accident. If a mechanical error caused an explosion or fire, we document its connection to the resulting loss of limb or life.


The injuries you suffered will come with financial consequences. These are the responsibility of the at-fault party. The more catastrophic and life-altering your injuries are, the higher your recovery costs will be. We will document their immediate and ongoing costs and fight to ensure you recover them.

Get Your Free Oil Field Accident Consultation Now

Were you or someone you love injured in an oil field accident in Tyler? If so, our lawyers and team members at Domingo Garcia will help you recover financial compensation. We are committed to helping oil field workers and their families. Find out how we hold employers, manufacturers, and more accountable for their actions. Call for your free case review today.

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