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Tyler Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Commercial vehicle accidents, which can involve large trucks and similarly heavy vehicles, can result in life-changing injuries. Suppose you suffered a serious injury, lost a loved one due to a fatal accident, or have a loved one with debilitating injuries. In that case, our Tyler commercial vehicle accident lawyer will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Domingo Garcia is the voice for those needlessly injured by others. Our team will fight for the entire financial recovery you deserve for your accident in Tyler.

Why Truck Accident Victims in Tyler Turn to Domingo Garcia for Representation

The team at Domingo Garcia understands that commercial vehicle accidents too often cause:

  • Catastrophic, life-changing injuries
  • The tragic death of a loved one
  • Other outcomes that make life extremely difficult for accident victims and their families

Our firm prides itself on helping commercial vehicle accident victims overcome these circumstances. While a financial recovery cannot bring back a loved one or heal injuries immediately, it can provide much-needed relief for a victim like you.

When you hire Domingo Garcia to lead your case in Tyler, you should expect:

  • A team effort: Domingo Garcia is a team. While our injury attorneys lead the fight for our clients, they receive support from associates, paralegals, and an entire staff of legal professionals. When you hire us, you don’t just get an attorney. You get the entire Domingo Garcia team. 
  • Our financial support: Our firm knows that accident victims often have no money to spare. We offer our services at no upfront cost, and we cover all case-related expenses and fees. This way, you can hire our firm without concerns about added financial pressure.
  • Active communication: We strike a fine balance between respecting your recovery and providing regular updates. Whenever you need to reach your attorney or another staff member, we’ll be available via phone, email, and several other avenues.
  • Respect, compassion, and reliability: The team at Domingo Garcia is all-in. When we accept a case, we give our highest degree of respect and compassion to the client. We pride ourselves on being dependable, and you’ll quickly learn we are in tune with every detail of your case. 

Accepting a commercial vehicle accident case is a major decision for our firm. Before we agree to represent you, we are certain we can provide the level of legal service you deserve.

Client Testimonials for Domingo Garcia

Some accident victims want to hear from past clients, as this can provide a firsthand, unbiased perspective of a law firm. Here is what two former clients said about their experience with Domingo Garcia:

  • “My attorney was very experienced and professional. I recommend this law firm, everyone is very intelligent in how they handle themselves and helped us get the best results for our situation.” – Victor Escobar
  • “They really seek to get the best compensation and I recommend the services of Domingo Garcia. My case was resolved soon and with a just resolution.” – Jose Parra

These are not rare experiences. We aim for complete client satisfaction in every case we handle, and we will apply the same standard to your case in Tyler.

Financial Results for Commercial Accident Victims in Texas

Prospective clients also deserve to know how a law firm performs in cases like theirs. Our case results include several victories in commercial vehicle accident cases, including:

  • A $3 million settlement
  • An $8.75 million financial recovery
  • A $2.75 million settlement

Each of these cases involved victims of motor vehicles with debilitating injuries. Our team secured the money they were entitled to, and we’ll fight for the same outcome in your case.

Damages We Will Seek Compensation for in Your Tyler Commercial Accident Case

Recoverable damages are different for each client we represent. As the lawyers handling your commercial vehicle, we’ll account for each of your accident-related damages and assign them an accurate value.

Without a lawyer, you may have to calculate damages on your own. This may prove difficult, especially in the case of non-economic damages and future expenses from your accident.

Let an attorney from Domingo Garcia identify your recoverable damages, which may include:

  • Pain and suffering: Our firm seeks compensation when clients suffer emotional distress, physical pain, lost quality of life, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and similar damages because of a commercial vehicle accident.
  • Property damage: We’ll fight for money to repair or replace a damaged vehicle, electronics, jewelry, clothing, accessories, or other property.
  • Medical expenses: You should get full reimbursement for accident-related medical expenses caused by someone else’s negligence. We will complete a detailed accounting of your recoverable medical costs, which may stem from emergency transport, hospitalization, imaging, diagnostic testing, and other necessary services.
  • Lost income: The income you lose because of a commercial vehicle accident in Tyler should be recoverable. You may also receive money for lost earning power, lost bonuses, lost benefits, lost promotions, and other professional damages.

Domingo Garcia represents many victims of commercial vehicle accidents. We know which damages to expect, but we’ll still complete a thorough review of your damages. Your attorney will fight for compensation for future damages you’re likely to suffer, too.

We Handle Cases Involving Wrongful Deaths and Catastrophic Injuries

As the National Safety Council (NSC) suggests, disabling and fatal injuries are the two most costly outcomes when a motor vehicle accident happens. Cases of catastrophic injuries often warrant a significant settlement or judgment because:

  • These injuries often prevent the victim from being independent
  • Catastrophic injuries may prevent the victim from working, costing them their earning power
  • These injuries may be extremely painful
  • Medical costs associated with catastrophic injuries are great

Wrongful death cases are also costly, often because:

  • Losing a loved one is the greatest damage anyone can suffer
  • Those who depend financially on the decedent lose their financial security
  • The emotional and psychological toll of a wrongful death is immense

Domingo Garcia handles high-stakes cases for clients who suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one. If you suffered any harm in a commercial vehicle accident in Tyler, we are the law firm to lead the path to justice.

The Domingo Garcia Team Will Use All of Its Resources to Seek the Money You Deserve for Your Accident in Odessa

The legal team at Domingo Garcia handles every step of commercial vehicle accident cases. We want our clients to have peace of mind as they recover, knowing that their attorney is working for the compensation they deserve.

Should you choose our firm to lead your case in Tyler, we will:

Protect Your Rights

Above all else, we must protect your rights. We’ll advise you on how to proceed so you do not make any harmful statements or take actions that compromise your case. We will also handle as much of your case as possible, limiting your exposure to risky situations.

File Your Claim or Lawsuit as Quickly as Possible

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 generally allows us two years to file a personal injury or wrongful death case. We want to file your claim or lawsuit before this deadline because:

  • If you intend to file a lawsuit, you may be legally required to file it before the statute of limitations expires
  • If you pursue an insurance claim, we want to be able to file a lawsuit so we can negotiate with the insurance company more effectively

We’ll also work to gather time-sensitive evidence and complete your case as soon as possible, which may also mean getting the money you deserve as quickly as possible.

Collect Evidence to Support Your Case

We’ll gather evidence that supports the facts of your claim or lawsuit, including:

  • Witness accounts
  • Video footage
  • Photographs of vehicle damage
  • A police report
  • Recorded statements from parties involved in the accident
  • Experts’ reconstruction(s) of your commercial vehicle accident

Our attorneys and investigators will work to build the strongest possible case with convincing evidence of negligence.

Document Your Accident-Related Damages

A Tyler commercial vehicle accident lawyer will prove how the collision negatively affected you. Relevant documentation may include:

  • Medical bills and records
  • An employer’s testimony that you could not work due to injuries
  • Past pay stubs, which may show how much income you lost
  • Testimony from medical and mental health professionals

If any other documentation helps prove your damages, we will collect it and present it during settlement negotiations.

Manage Case-Related Communications

We will deal with insurance companies, civil defense attorneys, and any other party involved in your case. We handle all communications to protect you from potential harm and to ensure you can focus on recovery.

Negotiate a Settlement or Take Your Case to Trial in Tyler

Domingo Garcia has negotiated many favorable settlements for clients. We will work hard to get the settlement you deserve. We are also willing to take your commercial vehicle accident case to court if necessary.

We Will Determine Who Owes You Compensation for Your Commercial Vehicle Accident in Tyler

The details of how your commercial vehicle accident happened will be important in determining liability. If a motorist’s negligence caused your accident, they are likely liable for your damages (as may be their employer). If a defect, dangerous road conditions, or other circumstances caused the accident, other parties may be liable.

Whoever is liable for your commercial vehicle accident in Tyler, we will work to prove their negligence by:

  • Proving that the liable parties owed you a duty of care: Commercial vehicle drivers, mechanics, municipalities, vehicle manufacturers, and employers of commercial drivers owe a duty of care. This duty of care requires them to act reasonably in any given situation.
  • Proving that liable parties breached their duty of care: Breaching the duty of care can mean speeding, employing an unfit driver, producing a dangerous vehicle, allowing dangerous road conditions, or engaging in any other unreasonable behavior that causes an accident.
  • Linking the breach of duty of care and your commercial vehicle accident: We will work to establish the breach of duty as the cause of your accident. By linking the two, we’ll tie the liable party’s negligence to the damages you’ve suffered because of the accident.
  • Presenting your damages: Once we establish the liable party’s breach of duty of care and the link to your accident, we’ll show the damages from your commercial vehicle accident.

Much can go wrong to cause a commercial vehicle accident. Whether a driver was reckless with their vehicle or other circumstances caused the collision, we’ll weave the details of your collision into this framework to prove negligence.

Our Fee Arrangement Benefits You

We represent many clients facing extreme financial hardship. We can extend our services to all worthy commercial vehicle accident victims because of our fee structure. If you want to hire Domingo Garcia, your financial status will be of no concern because:

  1. We require no upfront attorney’s fee
  2. We pay for expert fees, filing fees, and all other case-related expenses
  3. If we win for you, our fee will come from your settlement or judgment (not your personal finances)
  4. If we don’t win, you will pay Domingo Garcia nothing

Our firm takes the financial risk when handling your commercial vehicle accident case. Because we intend to win each case we accept, we plan to recover our costs when we get a percentage of the client’s winnings. This way, both our firm and you can benefit if we get the compensation you deserve.

Call Domingo Garcia Today for a Free Consultation

Our team is always available to answer your call. We encourage you to contact Domingo Garcia as soon as you can, both because of the statute of limitations and because the sooner you hire our team, the sooner you can focus on recovery without worrying about your case.

A Tyler commercial vehicle accident lawyer from our firm is ready to help you today. Call Domingo Garcia today for your free consultation about your case in Smith County.

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