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Texas Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer

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Texas Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer

Losing a loved one in a fatal truck accident causes severe, long-lasting pain. Losing a loved one also causes intense financial pressure in many cases. A Texas fatal truck accident lawyer from Domingo Garcia will seek justice for your loss, just as we have for many other victims of fatal traffic accidents.

The Domingo Garcia team has helped many clients move forward from wrongful deaths. While emotional and psychological recovery takes time, our team will seek compensation that covers several damages you’ve experienced.

The Cost of a Fatal Truck Accident—a Cost We Will Seek Compensation for

There is no trauma greater than losing a loved one. The Domingo Garcia team gives you its deepest condolences, as we have seen firsthand how devastating a wrongful death is. We will seek justice for you and the memory of the loved one you lost.

A fatal truck accident takes a financial and non-financial toll. Common damages include:

The Pain and Suffering of the Decedent and Surviving Loved Ones

Our team will rely on mental health professionals to evaluate your pain and suffering. The American Psychological Association (APA) notes that losing a spouse or parent can cause particularly intense grief. Your symptoms may include:

  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Depression
  • Lost quality of life
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Nightmares

Without causing further pain, we will also consider how your loved one may have suffered before passing. The need to revisit the facts of your loved one’s passing is a good reason to hire Domingo Garcia, rather than handling your own case.

Other non-economic damages that may entitle you to compensation are:

  • Lost companionship
  • Lost guidance (for children who lose a parent)
  • Loss of any other benefits the decedent provided

Losing a loved one is about so much more than money. Our Texas attorneys know that, and we calculate fatal truck accident settlements in a manner that reflects your non-economic damages.

Treatment Costs for Grief and Other Types of Pain and Suffering

If you undergo grief counseling, take medication, or pursue other treatments to help you cope with your loss, we’ll determine the cost of those treatments. We will also discuss how long you will likely need treatment with you and your mental healthcare providers.

Medical Expenses (for Both the Decedent and Surviving Loved Ones)

If your loved one received emergency transportation, emergency care, end-of-life care, or any other medical services after their accident, our Texas fatal truck accident lawyers will seek compensation for resulting medical bills.

Harvard Health explains that grief can cause stress, potentially exacerbating existing health problems for surviving loved ones. If you have had health problems since your loved one’s loss, related medical expenses may be recoverable.

Funeral Costs

Healthline explains that funerals cost about $15,000 on average, and some can cost well beyond that figure. We intend for liable parties to cover all of your loved one’s funeral and burial expenses.

Lost Financial Support

The loss of a loved one can also be financially costly, with damages including the loss of:

  • The decedent’s income (through retirement age, which is typically 65)
  • The decedent’s contributions to their household (labor, skills, services, etc.)
  • Benefits the decedent’s employer provided, but will not continue to provide upon your loved one’s passing

Determining damages in a fatal truck accident case can be difficult, especially for those mourning a loved one’s loss. Let a Texas fatal truck accident lawyer handle this process and every other step of your lawsuit. 

We have dedicated our careers to getting the families of fatal accident victims the compensation they need. We recovered $8,750,000 for the family of a fatal 18-wheeler truck accident. 

While no amount of money will ever bring their family member back, this settlement gives them the compensation they need to cover their lost loved one’s income, funeral bills, and other expenses.

Why Should I Choose a Texas Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer from Domingo Garcia to Represent Me?

First, recognize why you may want to hire a lawyer in general. Losing a loved one can shatter someone’s world. Completing the most basic tasks may be difficult when dealing with grief. For many, managing a legal case after a loss is simply not practical.

Once you decide to hire a lawyer, you may choose Domingo Garcia as your law firm because:

  • We’ve successfully represented many wrongful death survivors: Our record of case results includes several multi-million-dollar recoveries for clients who have lost loved ones.
  • We prioritize wrongful death cases: While every case is a priority, we know you are eager to move forward from your loved one’s fatal accident. Our team will urgently pursue a resolution to your case. Still, the priority is to get a fair financial recovery, not just any financial recovery.
  • We understand the need for privacy and compassion when handling a fatal truck accident case: Fatal truck accident cases require absolute privacy for the client. Our firm will show respect for your loss, handling your case with dignity, compassion, and privacy.
  • We have substantial resources to support your case: Your Texas fatal truck accident attorney will cover all expenses in your case. We will pull the strings to get a fair financial recovery and will only receive a fee if we secure a positive financial outcome for you.

The Domingo Garcia name means something in Texas because we have fought and won for many clients. We offer 35+ years of experience, a team of capable attorneys, and a desire to get justice for your loved one.

How Our Fatal Truck Accident Lawyers Will Complete Your Case in Texas

Our legal team will manage every detail of your fatal truck accident case in Texas. Our duties generally include:

  • Establishing liability for your loved one’s passing
  • Securing evidence showing who is liable for your loved one’s truck accident
  • Documenting your and your loved one’s damages
  • Calculating the cost of your case
  • Leading settlement negotiations 
  • Completing all communications and paperwork
  • Protecting your rights

We will seek a settlement that covers all of your damages. If we do not settle, our legal team is always ready for trial.

Call Domingo Garcia Today for a Free Consultation About Your Case

If you want to work with a Texas fatal truck accident attorney who won’t quit when your case gets tough, rely on Domingo Garcia. We have extensive experience fighting for wrongful death victims in Texas, and we’re ready to start your case today.

Call Domingo Garcia and complete your free consultation today. Don’t wait, as we may face a strict deadline for filing your case.

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