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Delivery drivers and the companies that employ them must always exercise caution. From servicing vehicles to driving safely, these parties must constantly work to prevent accidents. If a delivery service, truck driver, or other party caused an accident involving you or a loved one, liable parties should cover your damages.

A Texas delivery truck accident lawyer from Domingo Garcia will fight for your financial recovery. You focus on your health; we will lead your case.

Why Delivery Truck Accident Victims in Texas Hire an Attorney from Domingo Garcia

Our firm has earned a positive reputation by serving clients for over 35 years. We strive to deliver excellent legal service and financial recoveries for delivery truck accident victims throughout Texas.

Led by Attorney Domingo Garcia, our legal team:

  • Has case results that command your attention: Our settlements include several large financial recoveries. For example, we secured $8.75 million for the victim of a large truck accident, $3.3 million for a concrete pump truck accident victim, and many other recoveries for other truck accident victims.
  • Includes dedicated, experienced attorneys: Experience is an important feature of our firm. Our Texas truck accident attorneys have sought compensation clients for years, overcoming countless challenges to get the justice accident victims deserve.
  • Will serve your unique needs: Each client is important to us. We will provide personalized legal service that matches your unique needs. Our team is always available for you. We will also provide regular updates, so you’ll always know where your delivery truck accident case stands.
  • Will fight for your financial recovery: Each case develops differently, but our goal remains constant. We will seek the entire financial recovery you deserve, whether that means settling or going to trial.

Domingo Garcia serves as a voice for delivery truck accident victims. We have achieved impressive results for many clients, and we’ll aim to get all the money you deserve.

Our Fee Structure Eases Your Financial Stress

Our fee structure is another reason to hire a Texas delivery truck accident attorney from Domingo Garcia for your case. Our firm will:

  • Ask for no upfront compensation from you
  • Pay for the entire cost of completing your case
  • Receive a percentage of your settlement or judgment

We consider our firm’s fees when seeking compensation for you. Your delivery truck accident lawyer from Domingo Garcia will seek a sum covering our fees and all your damages. 

No matter what happens with your case in Texas, you’ll never pay our firm out of your pocket.

Recoverable Damages in a Texas Delivery Truck Accident

Recoverable damages in delivery truck accident cases may include:

  • Healthcare costs: Your Texas delivery truck accident attorney will seek money to cover ambulance transport, emergency care, and other accident-related medical care. If you need rehabilitation, we will seek compensation to cover rehab services, too.
  • Treatment for psychological and emotional injuries: If you elect to receive counseling, medications, or other treatment for pain and suffering, we’ll include the cost of mental healthcare in your claim or lawsuit.
  • Pain and suffering: Motor vehicle accidents can cause psychological distress, physical pain, emotional anguish, and other types of pain and suffering. The Domingo Garcia team will calculate the cost of your pain and suffering.
  • Lost income: You may lose income because of catastrophic or debilitating accident-related injuries. We’ll demand that liable parties cover the cost of your lost income.
  • Lost earning power: Some delivery truck accident victims return to work with limitations. Reduced hours, new professional roles, and new jobs may reduce your earning power. You may also miss bonuses, promotions, and other income sources because of injuries.
  • Property expenses: We will pursue compensation for vehicle repairs, replacement of damaged clothing and electronics, temporary transportation, and any other property expenses from your accident.

We have decades of experience calculating damages for clients. Your personal injury attorney will calculate current and future damages, as liable parties should cover all your accident-related damages.

Recoverable Damages in a Fatal Delivery Truck Accident

The weight of delivery trucks puts accident victims in serious danger. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) explains that, in a single year, as much as 24% of accidents involving large trucks cause injury or death. If your loved one passed away because of negligence leading to a truck accident, we’ll seek justice for you.

Recoverable wrongful death damages in a fatal delivery truck accident case may include:

  • Lost parental guidance
  • Lost spousal companionship
  • Your pain and suffering
  • The decedent’s pain and suffering
  • Grief counseling and other damages
  • Lost financial support
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical expenses

The Domingo Garcia team has represented many victims of wrongful deaths. Our Texas truck accident lawyers have great empathy for the toll of losing a loved one, and we will handle your case with the utmost compassion.

Services Domingo Garcia Will Provide for Your Delivery Truck Accident Case in Texas

Domingo Garcia will take complete control of your case, allowing you to focus on your recovery and other responsibilities. We will fight for your financial recovery in Texas by:

  • Collecting all relevant evidence: We will gather any evidence that helps tell the tale of your accident. This includes witness testimony, photographs of the accident scene, video footage of the accident, a police report, and an expert’s reconstruction of the collision. If the delivery truck company has additional evidence, we’ll take legal steps to secure it.
  • Documenting damages: We will get medical records, invoices, and all other relevant documentation. The documentation will help us calculate the cost of your damages.
  • Negotiating your settlement: We will engage liable parties to negotiate a  settlement. We will advise you whether to accept a settlement offer or allow us to continue fighting for more money.

We will handle any necessary trial, too. Domingo Garcia fights for our clients’ complete financial recovery, and we’ll do the same for you.

Call Domingo Garcia Today for a Free Consultation About Your Texas Delivery Truck Accident

Let a Texas delivery truck accident lawyer from Domingo Garcia start your legal case today. We’ll manage the legal side of your case, so you can recover as quickly as possible.

Contact Domingo Garcia today for your free consultation.

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