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Texas Rollover Accident Lawyer

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Texas Rollover Accident Lawyer

Rollover accidents can happen under a variety of circumstances, leading to severe injuries and vehicle damage. After a rollover accident, you may be able to recover compensation from responsible parties, such as the manufacturer of your vehicle or groups responsible for roadway hazards. 

Connecting with a qualified lawyer can be helpful as you seek to cover your expenses after a rollover accident. Domingo Garcia has been helping injured clients just like you for 35 years. We are ready to connect you with a Texas rollover accident lawyer who can assist you with your case. 

The Severity of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents happen when a vehicle flips over or tips onto its side. They can happen in a variety of circumstances, like when a car collides with a road obstacle. Drivers going significantly over the speed limit or driving on curves can also contribute to rollover accidents. 

People in a rollover accident often suffer brain or spinal cord injuries that can cause permanent disability. Rollover accidents also account for a large number of fatal accidents, causing the death of drivers and passengers. 

W​hat Compensation Can I Get in a Rollover Accident?

Compensation should help to pay for your expenses after a rollover accident. It can help cover medical bills from your injuries and help you repair the damages to your vehicle or personal property. For example, if you had to receive surgery or physical therapy, these medical bills may be covered by compensation. 

The exact compensation amounts are different for every accident. In situations of more severe injuries, such as those that completely change your life and ability to work, you may be able to recover more in compensation. If you pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of a loved one, compensation can help with funeral expenses and loss of support your loved one used to provide for you.

Taking Action After a Rollover Accident

M​ake sure to get immediate help and medical evaluation after a rollover accident. Even if you feel fine, it is wise to follow up with qualified medical personnel. They can assess you and run appropriate tests to see how bad your injuries are and what sort of treatment you will need. 

You should also thoroughly document your damages and where the accident happened. This can include taking pictures and exchanging contact information with anyone who witnessed the accident. This data can help with legal and insurance claims you make later. 

Negligence in Rollover Accidents

Like other personal injury cases, your attorney will work to prove the negligence of the other parties to help you recover compensation. In a rollover accident, sometimes another driver, a road maintenance group, or your car’s manufacturer is at fault. Negligence could look something like this in a rollover accident:

  • A​ construction or road maintenance group had a duty to keep the road free of debris and obstacles and warn drivers about potential hazards.
  • The group failed to keep an area clear or provide adequate warnings so drivers could prepare. 
  • T​heir negligence caused you to hit an obstacle and experience a rollover accident.
  • Y​ou suffered damages because of the rollover accident.

Your lawyer will go over what happened to see if anyone acted negligently in your rollover accident. They will review your actions in order to determine fault. 

H​ow does Working With a Rollover Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Some cases of car accidents have clear blame and minimal damage. In rollover accidents, it can be more challenging to prove the negligence of another party, particularly if you were the only driver in the accident. 

Y​ou may seek to pursue compensation in several circumstances:

  • Your loved one experienced a wrongful death in a rollover accident.
  • You experienced debilitating or catastrophic injuries in the accident that significantly interfere with your quality of life. 
  • Y​ou have significant costs to repair or replace personal property.

A​ rollover accident lawyer will have the experience and knowledge to help increase your chances of recovering compensation. They can apply their time and legal expertise to help make taking legal action easier for you. They can negotiate on your behalf and help you file a lawsuit if this course of action applies to your situation. 

Domingo Garcia has secured many settlements and verdicts worth millions. Some of our clients have won awards worth well over $7,000,000. We cannot promise a specific outcome but our track record speaks for itself.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Your insurance may cover your rollover accident, but they can offer an inadequate amount or refuse to cover the rollover accident damages at all. In these situations, you should seek help from a rollover accident lawyer. Our lawyer can help negotiate with your insurance company and advise you about accepting offers that are too low to cover your expenses. 

H​ow Long do I Have to File a Rollover Accident Lawsuit?

The earlier you seek legal help, the more time you have to consider your options and take action. You can discuss your case with a rollover accident attorney to help you understand your legal options. 

I​n Texas, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit. It can be tempting to put off taking action after a rollover accident. However, it is in your best interests to promptly seek help from a lawyer if you wish to pursue compensation. Your lawyer will know Texas’ deadlines, how they will apply to your case, and help you file the appropriate paperwork within this timeframe. 

Begin Your Case Today With a Free Consultation

The time after a rollover accident can feel overwhelming, and it can feel daunting to seek compensation on your own, particularly in cases of complex injury and damage. Our legal team at Domingo Garcia will review your case for free and begin as soon as you are ready. Contact us today to begin.

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