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Teen hit by car near Davis High School, suspected hit-and-run driver detained

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Houston Hit and Run Accidents

A 17-year-old student was hit by a car while walking near Davis High School this morning. The teen was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The driver of the car fled the scene, but was later apprehended by police. The investigation is ongoing.

This is a scary incident for parents and students alike. We’ll continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

Authorities say a teenager was hit by a car Monday morning behind an Aldine ISD high school in north Harris County.

Details are limited, as it’s an active investigation, but constable deputies with Harris County Precinct 4 were called to the 12500 block of Ella Blvd behind Benjamin Davis High School.

Hit and Run Accidents in Houston on the Rise

It seems that hardly a week goes by without news of another hit and run accident in Houston. Just in the past few weeks, there have been several high-profile cases, including one that left a young mother dead and another that injured a police officer.

These accidents are a grave reminder of the dangers of our city streets. And they also highlight the need for stricter laws and penalties for those who choose to flee the scene.

Currently, hit and run laws in Texas are lax compared to other states. For example, a driver who leaves the scene of an accident where someone is seriously injured or killed can only be charged with a felony if they are caught within 30 days. After that, the maximum penalty is a misdemeanor.

This needs to change. We need to send a message that hit and runs will not be tolerated. The penalties should be harsher, and drivers should be required to report any accidents, no matter the severity.

Until then, we can only hope that drivers will do the right thing and stop to render aid and exchange information after an accident. But we also know that accidents happen, and we must be prepared. If you are ever the victim of a hit and run, be sure to get the license plate number of the offender if possible, and call the police right away.

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