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Odessa Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

The likelihood of debilitating injuries and wrongful deaths can rise significantly when an accident involves a commercial vehicle. Suppose you or a loved one suffered injuries or lost their life because of someone else’s negligence. In that case, Domingo Garcia will seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, funeral costs, and any other damages from the accident.

An Odessa commercial vehicle accident lawyer from Domingo Garcia will fight for you, seeking the money you deserve from a negligent truck driver, trucking company, and any other liable parties.

Damages from Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Odessa

Domingo Garcia’s attorneys serving Odessa know the damage a commercial vehicle accident causes. Our clients often have life-changing injuries and in some cases lose a loved one in a collision with a commercial vehicle.

We evaluate each client’s damages individually and will do the same in your case.

Damages from Non-Fatal Injuries

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) explains that trucks (one type of commercial vehicle) often weigh as much as 30 times more than passenger vehicles. This is one reason why commercial accidents pose a great risk of serious injury and may also cause:

  • Long-term medical expenses: When a commercial truck accident victim suffers debilitating injuries, they may need immediate medical services, such as ambulance transport, emergency treatment, and surgery. Serious injuries may also require rehabilitation, continuous medical observation, and other services that extend the medical cost of your accident in Odessa.
  • Professional problems, including lost income: A commercial truck accident that prevents you from working may cause lost income, lost earning power, missed promotions, unearned bonuses, and other professional damages. 
  • Pain and suffering: The journal Professional Psychology: Research and Practice notes a high rate of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among motor vehicle accident victims. In addition to PTSD, commercial vehicle accident victims may experience physical pain, emotional distress, anxiety, and other types of pain and suffering.
  • Property expenses: If your vehicle suffered damage in the commercial vehicle accident, it will need repair or replacement. Damage to your clothing, phone, and other property may also entitle you to compensation.

An attorney from Domingo Garcia will identify all your damages as quickly as we can. We create detailed records of clients’ losses to ensure our calculations are accurate and your financial recovery covers all your damages.

If you lost a loved one to injuries suffered in a commercial vehicle accident, we will also fight for a fair financial recovery.

Damages from Wrongful Deaths

There are common losses among victims of fatal and non-fatal commercial vehicle accidents. For example, surviving loved ones may receive medical bills for the cost of the decedent’s end-of-life care—just as victims with non-fatal injuries often face medical expenses.

However, a wrongful death means permanently losing a loved one, which also means losing:

  • Companionship, guidance, and other non-economic benefits the decedent provided: Surviving loved ones can seek compensation for these considerable losses. Though these types of damages do not have a clear financial value, the attorneys at Domingo Garcia will calculate their costs for you.
  • Essential financial support: If your lost loved one earned an income that supported others, surviving loved ones may receive the value of the decedent’s lost income. Depending on the decedent’s age and their average income, this could be a substantial sum.
  • Household services: If the decedent completed handiwork, participated in chores, or provided any other valuable services to their household, surviving loved ones may get compensation for the loss of those services.

Surviving victims of fatal commercial vehicle accidents in Odessa may also have funeral expenses, bills for mental health services, and other damages. Our team understands the unrivaled cost of losing a loved one, and we’ll fight for liable parties to cover all your damages.

Why Should Victims of Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Odessa Hire a Lawyer from Domingo Garcia?

There are several potential reasons to hire a commercial vehicle accident lawyer, as you may:

  • Be busy with medical treatment, funeral arrangements, personal affairs, and other responsibilities
  • Want to avoid the details of the commercial vehicle accident, which may be upsetting
  • Have confidence in an experienced attorney to get the compensation you deserve
  • Be compelled by Domingo Garcia’s record of financial recoveries

Because commercial vehicle accidents produce catastrophic injuries and even tragic deaths, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. When there is significant money at stake—and an opportunity to hold negligent parties responsible—you may want a law firm to fight for you.

Case Results That Victims of Commercial Vehicle Accidents Should Consider

We post our notable case results so accident victims like you can confidently hire our firm. Some settlements relevant to commercial vehicle accidents include:

  • An $8.75 million settlement for the victim of a commercial truck accident
  • A $3 million recovery for a motorcyclist struck by a commercial vehicle
  • A $2.75 million recovery for the victim of a commercial motor vehicle accident

These are three of the many financial recoveries we have gotten for our clients, including victims of fatal and non-fatal commercial vehicle accidents. With these results, you can be certain of Domingo Garcia’s experience winning for clients who suffered damages like yours.

Client Testimonials for the Attorneys at Domingo Garcia

Case results tell you the result of our firm’s fight for a client, and client testimonials tell you how we handled that fight. Consider how former clients praise the Domingo Garcia team:

  • “They really seek to get the best compensation and I recommend the services of Domingo Garcia. My case was resolved soon and with a just resolution.” Jose Parra
  • “My attorney was very experienced and professional. I recommend this law firm, everyone is very intelligent in how they handle themselves and helped us get the best results for our situation.” – Victor Escobar

We dedicate our time to help those who suffer because of commercial accidents in Texas, and client satisfaction is our greatest priority. We also strive to get the money you deserve for your injuries or the loss of your loved one, and we want to start your case in Odessa as soon as possible.

How the Domingo Garcia Team Will Seek Justice for Your Commercial Vehicle Accident in Odessa

Our job is to get the compensation that commercial accident victims in Odessa deserve, which will be our role in your case. Achieving this goal generally requires our team to:

Gain an Intimate Understanding of Your Accident

Our firm will serve as investigators tasked with developing a clear image of your accident. Along the way, we will:

  • Obtain existing witness accounts, driver statements, and other relevant documentation
  • Speak with witnesses
  • Get the police report from the accident
  • Speak with experts who can help us understand every relevant detail of your commercial vehicle accident

Our investigation will allow us to understand who caused your accident, who is financially liable for your damages, and why these parties are responsible.

Collect and Organize All Useful Evidence

As we complete the investigation of your accident in Odessa, we’ll gather evidence, including:

  • Witness accounts
  • Traffic camera footage, security camera footage, cell phone video, and any other usable video of the accident
  • Photographs of damage to your vehicle, which may help explain how the accident unfolded
  • Expert testimony about the nature of the accident
  • Digital reconstructions of the collision
  • Statements made by the at-fault motorist

We can also file letters of spoliation, which demand that parties with useful evidence preserve that evidence. We can file such a letter with a trucking company or other party with useful vehicle data, video footage, or other evidence.

Document and Calculate Your Damages

The National Safety Council (NSC) explains that damages generally increase with the severity of injuries. Because commercial vehicles can cause life-threatening injuries, we may expect costly damages in your case.

Our team calculates the cost of:

  • Damages you already suffered
  • Likely or certain future damages
  • Non-economic damages (like pain and suffering)
  • Economic damages (like lost income and medical expenses)

By considering all these damages, we ensure that we seek fair compensation for our clients.

Collaborate with Experts (On Our Dime, Not Yours)

Domingo Garcia hires any experts who can help our client’s case. An expert may provide powerful testimony that supports our case, reconstructs your accident, helps us calculate damages, or serves your case in other ways.

Our firm covers the cost of experts. The percentage we receive from your financial recovery will not change, even if experts command a high fee.

Lead Settlement Negotiations

Our attorneys will demand the financial recovery you deserve. Liable parties may push back against this demand, in which case we’ll enter negotiations with those liable parties.

Domingo Garcia organizes evidence and documentation in a clear, convincing manner. By presenting the complete case for your financial recovery, we’ll aim to win negotiations and get the money you deserve.

Take Your Case to Trial

Some commercial vehicle accident cases in Odessa require a trial. If going to court becomes the best option for you, the attorneys at Domingo Garcia will gear up for trial.

We Exhaust All Available Options When Seeking Money for Commercial Vehicle Accident Victims

The right legal approach for one commercial vehicle accident victim may not be the right strategy for another. Whether we pursue an insurance claim or lawsuit on your behalf, our team will use the legal strategy we believe is best for you.

Our concern is that you get the compensation you need and deserve. We will adjust our strategy as necessary and are always willing to take a case to trial if it is in your best interest.

Without getting into the complex details of insurance claims and lawsuits, just know this: The Domingo Garcia team serving Odessa will always put your financial interests first.

Who Is Liable for a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

We will determine who is liable for your commercial vehicle accident in Odessa. Liability depends on the unique details of the collision, but we generally try to prove the negligence of the liable parties we identify.

Your Odessa commercial vehicle accident lawyer from Domingo Garcia may prove negligence (and, in turn, liability) by:

  • Proving the liable party owed you a duty of care: Commercial vehicle drivers, their employers, truck manufacturers, and others have a duty of care that requires them to act reasonably. We’ll prove that the parties liable for your accident owed you a duty of care.
  • Proving that liable parties breached their duty of care: When parties breach their duty of care, they may increase the risk of a commercial vehicle accident. We’ll explain how liable parties breached their duty of care to you.
  • Establishing a link between the breach of duty of care and the commercial vehicle accident in Odessa: We’ll make a clear connection between the breach of duty of care (a motorist speeding, for example) and the accident resulting from the breach.
  • Proving damages: Your attorney will explain in detail the damages you’ve suffered because of the commercial vehicle accident in Odessa.

By proving this sequence, we can prove negligence. In proving negligence and its link to the accident, we can prove that liable parties caused you harm.

Call Domingo Garcia Today for a Free Consultation About Hiring an Odessa Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

The commercial vehicle accident attorneys at Domingo Garcia are ready to fight for you. Because Texas law may limit the time we have to file your case, don’t wait to speak to our firm. Our firm wants to make it as easy as possible to hire us, and that starts with the cost of hiring our firm. We don’t ask for any upfront compensation.

If we win your case, we get a reasonable percentage of the recovery, but you pay nothing if we do not get the money you deserve. Call Domingo Garcia today for a free consultation about your case in Odessa. Let our law firm serving Ector County use its resources and experience on your behalf.

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