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Houston Uber Accident Lawyer

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Houston Uber Accident Lawyer

After a crash, your medical expenses and lost income can add up quickly. Don’t let the responsible party get away with causing you these hardships. If a careless Uber driver caused your crash, whether you were in the Uber as a passenger or an Uber vehicle struck your vehicle, you have options to make a financial recovery. Uber’s or the driver’s insurance policy could be liable. 

One of our Houston Uber accident lawyers can handle your personal injury claim or file a wrongful death action if your loved one died as a result of a Houston Uber collision. You can find out more through a free consultation with Domingo Garcia.

We Can Help You in these Uber Accident Situations

Anyone who is injured in a collision that involved a rideshare vehicle could file a claim against the at-fault party. For example, the plaintiff in an Uber accident case could be an:

  • Uber passenger who was injured in a crash
  • Driver or passenger in another vehicle who suffered an injury in an accident that involved a rideshare vehicle
  • Pedestrian or bicyclist who was injured in an accident that involved a rideshare vehicle

Domingo Garcia’s Houston car accident lawyers could help you if you fall within any of these categories and you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence. While these types of cases can prove complex, our attorneys have no problem going after the liable party in an Uber accident.

Services Our Houston Personal Injury Attorneys Offer

Dealing with the rideshare company, insurance adjusters, and other involved parties after an Uber accident can get overwhelming very quickly, especially when you’re trying to heal from debilitating injuries.

That’s where one of our attorneys can step in and assume every case-related responsibility on your behalf, such as:

  • Picking up a copy of the crash report
  • Determining which liable policy applies to your case
  • Collecting and presenting evidence
  • Identifying the negligent party
  • Evaluating all of your damages
  • Negotiating a settlement with the insurance company
  • Going to trial if we cannot reach a satisfactory agreement with the insurer

Our team will be available to answer your questions and give you frequent updates on the status of your case.

For a free legal consultation with an Uber accidents lawyer serving Houston, call us today.

Our Houston Uber Accident Attorneys Work on Contingency Fees

We handle Uber accident claims on a contingency-fee basis, which means that we do not charge you any upfront legal fees to get our help. We work diligently throughout the entire case without getting paid until the end. We receive a portion of the settlement or jury award for our legal work.

Houston Uber Accident Lawyer Near Me.

Our Accident Attorneys Get Glowing Reviews

We are proud of our numerous positive reviews because we work hard to earn that praise. 

  • “They really seek to get the best compensation and I recommend the services of attorney Domingo Garcia. My case was resolved soon and with a just resolution.” – Jose Parra
  • “My attorney was very experienced and professional. I recommend this law firm, everyone is very intelligent in how they handle themselves and help us get the best results for our situation.” – Victor Escobar

We promise to work tirelessly to earn your five-star review if we handle your Houston Uber accident claim. You can reach out to Domingo Garcia today to get started. We do not charge for the initial consultation.

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Damages You Can Seek in Houston Uber Accidents

After our lawyers establish the defendant’s liability for the collision, we can seek to recover compensation for your injuries and other losses. Every case is different. The amount you could pursue will depend on the facts of your situation.

You might have a claim for money damages for one or more of these categories of losses:

  • Medical bills. The cost of the treatment you needed because of your injuries from the Uber accident will likely be recoverable. This could include ambulance services from the accident scene or surgeries to treat a spinal cord injury, among many other possible health conditions after a crash.
  • Lost income. If your boss did not pay you for the time you missed at work while getting better from your Uber crash wounds, we can add your lost income to your injury claim.
  • Long-term care facility. After suffering debilitating wounds in an Uber collision, an individual might have to live in a long-term care facility, like a nursing home, because they can no longer perform independent living tasks on their own without daily assistance.
  • Special adaptive equipment. A person might need to purchase medical or mobility equipment after a catastrophic injury like spinal cord damage. Also, severe injuries could make other modifications necessary, like a wheelchair ramp, an adapted vehicle, lift equipment within the home to transfer from the bed to a wheelchair or to bathe, and other equipment.
  • Pain and suffering. The liable party paying your medical expenses is a good thing. However, it does not begin to compensate you for the physical discomfort you endured or the stress and worry you experienced about your future. Pain and suffering compensation addresses these issues.
  • Other intangible losses. A person who undergoes an amputation or has extensive scars because of their Uber accident wounds could seek compensation for disfigurement. Many people develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a horrific crash. There are several other types of intangible losses that might apply to you. 

Sometimes, Uber crashes result in fatal injuries. If your loved one passed away because of an Uber accident, we might be able to file a wrongful death claim seeking additional money damages on behalf of the legal beneficiaries. 

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How Uber Liability Insurance Works

Uber provides liability insurance to cover some situations involving rideshare accidents. Here is a quick overview of rideshare insurance coverage:

  • When the app is off: Uber’s company insurance does not cover accidents that happen when the Uber app is off. Instead, the rideshare driver’s personal insurance will be responsible for claims.
  • Actively picking up or shuttling: Uber’s liability coverage applies to accidents that happen when a driver is picking up passengers or during a ride. 
  • Other situations: Some situations are borderline, for example, when the driver has the app on but is not in the process of picking up passengers or transporting them. If an accident happens when the rideshare driver is waiting for a ride request, Uber will look first to the driver’s personal insurance for coverage. If the driver’s insurance does not provide coverage, then Uber’s insurance will apply.

We understand that the insurance issues involved in Uber accidents can be complicated and confusing. You do not have to worry about this issue because Domingo Garcia will sort out all the liability insurance coverage questions. 

How Long You Have to Sue the Liable Party After an Uber Accident in Houston

Sometimes, filing a lawsuit is the most appropriate route to compensation for your case. You must be aware of the time restrictions the state places, though. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, you typically have two years to sue for personal injury or wrongful death.

This time frame can change based on the circumstances of your case. Still, we recommend you start now. The court might not accept your case if you try to file past the deadline.

Our Uber Accident Attorneys Can Help With All Aspects of Your Case

You can reach out to Domingo Garcia today to start the process of exploring whether you have grounds for an Uber accident claim in the Houston area. The initial consultation is free and comes with no obligation. Contact us today to get your free case review.

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