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Houston Product Liability Lawyer

Manufacturers of all kinds of products have a serious responsibility to consumers: they must properly test each product for defects before letting it go to market, and they must quickly recall any product that could pose an undue hazard to consumers.

If you were sickened or injured by a manufacturer’s failure to live up to that responsibility, they may owe you compensation. A Houston product liability lawyer from Domingo Garcia could make it easy for you to fight for that compensation. Our personal injury lawyers do all the hard work while you focus on your recuperation.

How We Handle Product Liability Cases

You could file a product liability case against any manufacturer responsible for making any product. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Car parts: Problems with tires, brakes, and other parts could lead to catastrophic injuries. You can report a potential problem with your vehicle to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • Medical equipment and medication: This includes CPAP machines, prescription medicines, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and any other device or medication you depend on to live a healthy life. 
  • Chemicals: The chemicals you use for cleaning, disinfecting, and other purposes can be dangerous on their own, but they could be even more so if the manufacturer does not mix them right or uses inferior chemicals.
  • Children’s toys and products: Children may be especially vulnerable to poisoning, choking, and other dangers if they are exposed to faulty products.

If your injury or illness was caused by a defective product, we can help. Domingo Garcia believes that even large manufacturing companies should be held accountable when they do something wrong. We are not afraid to confront them by:

  • Writing a detailed demand letter that explains how their product harmed you and how much money you want in compensation
  • Speaking with them over the phone or in person about your case and even exchanging evidence with them
  • Negotiating for the amount your catastrophic injuries entitle you to if they seem reluctant to pay what you deserve
  • Taking the at-fault party to court, if we feel that is the best way to hold them accountable for causing your catastrophic injury

Wrongful Death and Product Liability

Some product liability cases involve more than a personal injury: they result in the death of the injured person. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 87,000 Americans died of unintentional poisoning in 2020.

Our product liability lawyers understand you have suffered a loss that no one should have to go through. Rather than trying to hold a manufacturer responsible on your own, you can rely on our wrongful death attorneys to:

  • Confront and negotiate with the manufacturer just as strongly as we do with personal injury cases
  • Answer your questions about your case or product liability in general
  • Keep you updated as your case progresses

What to Know About Product Liability Compensation

Compensation is money that a person can receive from an at-fault party if they suffered injuries or other losses due to the at-fault party’s actions. Compensation is also sometimes called damages.

In product liability cases, you could seek compensation for physical and mental injuries, such as:

  • Physical and emotional suffering caused by the product-related injury or illness
  • Any temporary or permanent disabilities you have suffered since using the faulty product
  • Lost quality of life, if the injury or illness has forced you to change your lifestyle and/or caused you long-term pain
  • Loss of consortium, if the product-related injury has impacted your relationship with the people you love (e.g., you can no longer have sex with your spouse)

You could also ask for compensation for your accident-related financial losses, such as:

  • Loss of income, for the salary and benefits your product-related injury has already cost you
  • Loss of earning capacity, for the salary and benefits you will lose in the future due to the injury or illness
  • Property loss, if replacing the defective product was very expensive and/or if it caused an accident that destroyed other property you own
  • Other expenses, if the injury or illness has forced you to spend money on other products or services you did not need before (e.g., a housekeeper)

How Much Is a Product Liability Case Worth?

That depends on how serious your injuries are and how egregious the manufacturer’s mistake was.

For example, in one case involving dangerous scaffolding, we were able to recover a $5 million settlement for the injured party, who was paralyzed as a result of the accident. Why $5 million? As with every case we take on, we determine how much to seek for a client by:

  • Collecting evidence of how serious your injuries are
  • Collecting evidence of the product manufacturer’s role in causing your injuries
  • Using legal formulas and the severity of your injuries to determine how much to ask for

Are Manufacturers Always Liable in Product Liability Cases?

While there are exceptions to every rule, it is much more likely than not that we would end up suing the product manufacturer. This is because they have the responsibility to:

  • Put their products through vigorous testing and, in some cases, submit them for government approval
  • Use appropriate, high-quality materials
  • Warn consumers about potential hazards the product presents
  • Issue and publicize a recall as soon as they learn of unexpected hazards

Some cases may have more than one liable party. For instance, maybe the manufacturer sold a faulty tool that your coworker used improperly, or maybe you only found out about a defective airbag after a speeding driver hit your car.

In these cases, your coworker and the other driver might share fault. You would then have the right to sue multiple parties and collect compensation from each.

Hire One of Our Lawyers Today

If you are thinking of hiring a lawyer to handle your case, call us for a free case review first. Domingo Garcia handles product liability cases in Houston and in other Texas communities. Our team works hard for each client because we want everyone to receive fair compensation after an accident.

Call us today for your free consultation. 

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