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Houston Work Zone Car Accident Lawyer

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Houston Work Zone Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered injuries because of a car accident in a Houston work zone, Domingo Garcia’s Houston car accident lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve. A Houston work zone car accident lawyer from our team will lead your case from start to finish. You focus on recovery; we’ll manage your case.

Our firm understands the complicated nature of motor vehicle accidents in work zones. Our attorneys have more than 35 years of experience. We will use our financial resources, legal knowledge, and valuable experience to pursue the money you deserve.

What Damages Should I Get Money for After a Houston Work Zone Car Accident?

Every motor vehicle accident victim has unique damages, but our Houston car accident lawyers often represent clients with:

  • Emotional and psychological injuries: Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour explains that car accidents can cause depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), emotional distress, phobias, and other types of pain and suffering. We seek compensation for these kinds of damages.
  • Economic damages: If your work zone accident leads to lost income, lost productivity, lost earning power, or other professional damages, we’ll seek fair compensation for you.
  • Vehicle damage and other property expenses: Liable parties should cover the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged vehicle. We’ll also seek money for damage to your phone, clothing, and other property. Temporary transportation expenses may be recoverable, too. 
  • Mental health treatment needs: If you receive counseling or any other treatment for your pain and suffering, our Houston work zone car accident attorneys will include the cost of treatment in your case.
  • Medical bills: Often a substantial portion of our clients’ financial recoveries, medical expenses from a car accident can be costly. We will determine the total cost of emergency care, hospitalization, doctors’ appointments, and all other accident-related medical services. 

We have one mission when we accept your work zone car accident case: get every dollar you deserve. We consider both economic and non-economic damages, including those you’ll likely experience in the future.

Who Will Pay for My Accident-Related Damages in Houston?

This depends on the outcome of our investigation. Potential defendants in a work zone car accident case include:

  • A construction company
  • A municipality 
  • A motorist whose actions caused your accident

Our Houston work zone car accident lawyers approach each case as a blank slate. We will complete a comprehensive investigation of your accident, identifying liable parties along the way.

Establishing liability is just one of several ways a Houston work zone accident lawyer from Domingo Garcia will serve you. Rather than trying to learn about legal cases and manage the many details of your lawsuit or claim, let our lawyers do what they do best: fight for victims of negligence.

Why Should I Trust a Houston Work Zone Accident Lawyer from Domingo Garcia to Lead My Case in Houston?

When you hire a lawyer and the firm that employs them, you may first verify that:

  • The law firm has a track record of success.
  • The law firm understands your specific case type.
  • The law firm has a positive reputation among its former clients.
  • The lawyer you hire will be handling your case.
  • The law firm’s fee structure benefits you.

Domingo Garcia and its attorneys meet all these criteria. Our team:

  • Has a verified record of case results: We publish our results because we are proud of them. We have fought relentlessly for every client we have represented, and our case results prove it
  • Prioritizes you: Our clients are our priority. Expect compassion, active communication, and top-tier client service when you hire Domingo Garcia for your work zone car accident case in Houston.
  • Knows the laws surrounding work zone accidents: We can spot negligence when we see it. Whether the construction zone was dangerous or another motorist caused your accident, we’ll make a legally sound case for the money you deserve.
  • Knows Houston: We maintain offices in Houston. We are familiar with work zones throughout the city. Our attorneys are ready to respond to your accident scene, document hazards, and fight for the money you deserve.
  • Offers a client-friendly fee structure: Our contingency fee structure favors you. Our firm covers all expenses, requires no upfront payment, and only receives a fee if we secure money for you.

The Domingo Garcia reputation speaks for itself. 

How the Domingo Garcia Team Will Fight for Your Financial Recovery in Houston

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) explains that there were more than 26,000 work zone accidents in Texas in 2021. Every one of those victims deserves justice, and our team will fight to get justice for you.

Our lawyers assist work zone car accident victims in Houston by:

  • Identifying liable parties: We will determine who is financially liable for your work zone accident. Our Houston work zone accident lawyers will gather all relevant witness accounts, evidence, and expert opinions to establish liability for your damages. 
  • Calculating your damages: We will use proven legal methods to calculate your damages, including those you may experience in the future. 
  • Documenting your damages: Our legal team will gather medical records, x-rays, CT scans, medical bills, employment records, and any other relevant documentation to prove your damages.
  • Leading settlement discussions: We’ll negotiate with insurance companies, civil defense attorneys, and any other liable parties for you.
  • Completing administrative duties: Our attorneys and paralegals will handle all paperwork, communications, and other administrative duties for you. These are key aspects of your case that can be difficult to manage. Domingo Garcia manages them, so you don’t have to. 
  • Completing a trial, if necessary: If going to trial is the best option for you, trust the Domingo Garcia team to lead your court case.

Our full-service representation will allow you to rest and recover as you should.

Call Domingo Garcia Today for a Free Consultation About Your Case

Let a Houston work zone car accident lawyer from Domingo Garcia fight for financial justice on your behalf. We can start your case today, and we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. We may have a limited time to file your case.

Call Domingo Garcia today to complete your free, no-obligation consultation.

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