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Dallas Premises Liability Lawyer

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Dallas Premises Liability Lawyer

Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone. Sometimes, accidents happen, and no one is to blame. But other times, the person or group that owns the property may be responsible for the accidents that occur. Property owners must maintain safe areas and warn visitors about potential hazards.

When property owners are negligent, it can lead to severe and sometimes even fatal accidents. If you experienced an injury on someone else’s property, you might be eligible to recover compensation. A Dallas premises liability lawyer from Domingo Garcia can help you with your case.

The Responsibility of Property Owners

Property owners should take reasonable measures to keep their properties safe for visitors. This might involve anything from clearing snow off walkways to maintaining steps.

If areas are unsafe or certain areas are off-limits, property owners should make this clear to ensure that no one suffers injuries. When property owners fail to keep their property safe, they may be legally responsible for the accidents that result.

For example, let’s say you visit a business with uneven flooring near its entrance, and the company has not provided any warning that this area is unsafe. If you experience an injury in this situation, you may be able to recover compensation from the business for injuries you sustained. In a case of wrongful death where your loved one suffered fatal injuries on someone else’s property, you may be able to recover compensation through a wrongful death case.

Injuries in a Premises Liability Case

Your injuries will depend on a number of factors in a premises liability case. For example, falling can result in a broad range of injuries. Injuries where an object hits you or crushing injuries can also result in substantial damages. You could also have more than one type of injury. Consider the following potential injuries you could experience in a premises liability case:

  • Broken bones: These could be from falls or other accidents. They can take substantial time to heal.
  • Lacerations, sprains, or contusions: These soft tissue injuries can be painful and impact your ability to perform everyday activities. It may also take a while for these injuries to heal.
  • Spinal cord injuries: These can cause lifelong disability. You may be unable to feel or move below the level of the spinal cord injury.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: These can be life-threatening. They may also impact your ability to think and perform activities for the rest of your life.

Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are those that drastically change your life. Severe burns and scarring or accidents that result in high-level spinal cord injuries could be catastrophic injury cases.

In some cases, the injuries that occur in a premises liability accident are fatal. Our team can help you fight for wrongful death compensation to cover expenses related to your loss.

How We Establish Negligence in a Premises Liability Claims

Our team will show that the business owner did not promptly clear the premises of dangerous conditions or warn you about them. In doing so, we may present this evidence:

  • The incident report documenting the event that injured you
  • Your medical records that document your relevant injuries
  • Statements from witnesses
  • Pictures of your injuries
  • Video surveillance footage of the accident happening

We can apply this information to the standard of negligence to establish the other party’s carelessness. For example, if you were hurt in a swimming pool accident, we would show that:

  • The property owner owed you a reasonable duty of care to keep the pool, pool deck, and surrounding areas free of hazardous conditions.
  • They failed to warn you about the slippery deck.
  • You slipped, fell, and sustained a hip fracture.
  • You’re left with medical bills, forced time off work, and a painful recovery.

Dallas Premises Liability Lawyer Near Me

Compensation in a Premises Liability Claim or Lawsuit

After experiencing an injury on someone else’s property, you may be able to recover compensation in several areas:

  • Medical bills: Compensation can help to cover emergency room bills, corrective surgeries, and follow-up care.
  • Lost income: If you had to take time off work to recover or are unable to work like you used to, you could recover compensation that helps to cover what you lost.
  • Pain and suffering: Compensation can help to ease the pain and suffering, both emotional and physical, that you experienced because of the premises liability accident.

In a wrongful death case, you can recover compensation for things like loss of support and funeral expenses.

How a Lawyer From Our Firm Can Handle Your Dallas Premises Liability Case

It can be challenging to navigate premises liability law, as well as your case, on your own. You will want a Dallas premises liability lawyer with the right experience and skills to help you. An attorney from our firm will be aware of the Texas laws that apply to your case and the special considerations of premises liability cases.

When you choose to work with our firm, we will carefully review what happened in your premises liability case. We can evaluate what sort of costs and damages you experienced and what the property owner may be responsible for after allowing dangerous conditions to remain on the premises.

We aim to recover fair compensation for you. In doing so, we will work to negotiate with all involved parties, including the insurance companies. We’ll work to answer questions you may have as your case progresses and updates you regularly.

Our Premises Liability Attorneys Take Cases on Contingency

Our personal injury lawyers understand why you may feel uneasy about hiring an attorney on top of all the other expenses related to your premises liability claim. Luckily, you don’t have to worry much about spending when you have Domingo Garcia on your side. Our team works based on contingency. Unlike other firms, we don’t ask for payment to get started on your case.

Only will we receive reimbursement for our services if we reach a settlement or a favorable court verdict for your case.

The Worth of Domingo Garcia

Our legal team at Domingo Garcia has decades of experience helping our clients in a variety of areas. We will fight to obtain the compensation you deserve in your premises liability case. Consider some of the payouts we have recovered for our clients. These amounts don’t include additional legal fees and expenses:

  • $1,000,000 in premises security case
  • $2,100,000 after a balcony collapse resulted in a broken ankle
  • $3,750,000 after our client suffered paraplegia due to improper guardrail maintenance

Time Frame for Filing a Premises Liability Lawsuit

Premises liability cases are a type of personal injury case. In Texas, you generally have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003. The same statute affirms that you also have two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a loved one.

This deadline can come quickly, so retaining legal help in your case early can be helpful. Consulting with a Dallas premises liability lawyer at our firm soon after your accident can help ensure you don’t miss deadlines for filing a premises liability lawsuit.

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