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New York Times: Teen Who Sought New Life Found Death at Hands of the Police, Father Says

Home » New York Times: Teen Who Sought New Life Found Death at Hands of the Police, Father Says

Valentina Peralta Death | Domingo Garcia Law Firm

Just like we sought out justice for Vannesa Guillén we are going to do the same with the senseless death of 14-year old Valentina by the LAPD. This young woman was motivated, excelled in school and had so many dreams about the future. There is no reason why she should have died in a dressing room at the hands of the police.

Cases and deaths like this happen more often than many of us think, even for those of us involved in this work, we fully understand that Valentina’s case represents so much death and grief felt by many families. Valentina’s movement is going to represent change for so many, and it is why we are committed to her legacy and her family in this national effort to enact lasting change.

Why is it always black and brown people who are dis-proportionally victims of this collateral damage? The policies of shoot first, and think later should not be the etiquette of those who are meant to protect innocent life.

We pray for Valentina’s family, we are moved by the courage they show in responding to any parent’s worst fears. No one person or one family can handle the weight of this situation, however as a community we will get justice for Valentina.

“latest in a long and troubling line of such incidents”

By Jill Cowan and Giulia Heyward
The New York Times

Domingo Garcia, the national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, a Hispanic civil rights organization, said in a statement that the shooting was the latest in a long and troubling line of such incidents by members of the Los Angeles Police Department involving Latinos.

“It is apparent that the days of shoot first, ask questions second, are rearing their ugly head again in one of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies,” Mr. Garcia said.

Read the full article here.

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