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Injured in a Construction Accident? Get a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney!

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Do you work in the construction industry? This area of work is such a big and broad professional career, you can do roofing or carpentry or electrical work or siding or HVAC or so many different types of jobs that are considered part of the construction industry. The reason we ask if you work in the construction industry is because as you probably know, injuries are very common in this type of work. It is especially a hard type of work because many times employers or bosses do not put priority on the safety of workers, instead they are focused on finishing the work fast and saving as much money as possible.

Accidents and injuries on construction sites require immediate attention, and often will require you to take time off of work so you can fully heal. Attorney Domino Garcia represents thousands of injured workers every single year. With his principal legal office located in Dallas, Texas, attorney Domingo Garcia provides leadership to a team of attorneys working to represent the rights of workers injured in Dallas, TX. If you have been injured as a construction worker you need to know that you have rights and it is the duty of your employer to ensure you receive proper compensation.

If you are injured you may wish to just cooperate with your employer and pray that they do the right thing. However this often is not a option for many of the immigrant clients attorney Domingo Garcia represents. Sometimes some employers think that they have more power than the workers so they cheat them when it comes time to deal with a injury on the job. Many Hispanic and Mexican clients of attorney Domingo Garcia are sometimes afraid to even report the work injury for fear of being fired or punished.

Hire a Dallas Construction Accident Attorney your Bosses will Fear!

When it comes to hiring the best Dallas attorney you may think you have too many lawyers to pick from, but the only right decision would be to hire attorney Domingo Garcia. Call our office at 214-941-8300 for a free consultation. You deserve the best construction accident attorney!

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