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Can I Fight My Car Insurance Company Without Hiring a Texas Car Accident Attorney?

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The best possible advice attorney Domingo Garcia can provide in this situation is information on when to hire a car accident attorney so you can make the best possible decision on your own. You knowing your rights as a car accident victim is very important in you being able to answer the questions, “When Should I Hire a Car Accident Attorney?”

In order to answer this question we spoke to several of our former and current clients. All of the clients we spoke to said they hired an attorney because they thought the insurance company was either offering them a low settlement, or they felt overwhelmed talking directly to, trained, insurance attorneys and adjusters.

You have to understand, all insurance companies have a team of trained attorneys and adjusters who start evaluating your car accident claim right away. Even while you are still in physical pain, maybe still figuring out what to even do with your totaled car or damaged vehicle. The insurance company will not waste a second on opening your file, because of this it is important you hire a personal injury attorney immediately to begin negotiating on your behalf.

Never go against a big insurance company on your own. These are big, billion-dollar companies and going against them alone is not a smart decision. Of course, it is possible to represent yourself in your car accident claim, but you will be at the insurance companies mercy. “When do I hire an accident attorney?” is a hard question to answer directly, but most of our clients, when we surveyed them, said they felt overwhelmed up against the insurance company. Without knowing your rights as a car accident injury victim it is extremely difficult to protect your rights.

If the insurance company knows you have not hired an accident attorney after you car accident they will take advantage of you. Insurance company attorneys spend every minute of their day trying to fight claims, and trick unsuspecting victims into early settlement offers. Facing off with an insurance company on your own will rarely result in a fair settlement.

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