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Attorney Domingo Garcia’s advice for Fort Worth car accident victims

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graphic image of a person looking at a car accident through a phone. text on image says attorney garcia in this blog post is providing information on what to do after a small fender bender accident

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Car accidents are all too common in Fort Worth, tx. Even if you are the best driver and always aware of your surroundings, you are still likely to be the victim of a car accident at some point in your driving life. This is one of the inconveniences we all unfortunately have to face driving on Ft. worth, Texas roads, freeways, highways, and streets.

Knowing what to do when you are in a car accident in Fort Worth, TX can really save you a lot of grief and stress associated with your car crash. If you are reading this and you have never been an accident before, consider yourself very lucky that somewhere in the back of your mind hopefully this information will help you should that day ever come.

Attorney Domingo Garcia has been helping car accident and car crash victims since he started practicing law in 1987. He has represented thousands of people in the Dallas Fort Worth area, injured in a car crash or motor vehicle accident. Some advice attorney Garcia shares with all clients is, if you are ever in even a small accident, always:

5 Tips to Follow After Your Fort Worth Car Accident

1. Call the police: regardless of how severe the accident may seem initially. This includes most accidents that happen at low speeds and often don’t initially show a lot of damage to either your car or to yourself. This includes a small fender bender, intersection accident, red light accident, stop sign accident, t-bone accident, often crashes can happen when someone is parked to pick up someone at a non-designated zone.

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A happy client of Attorney Domingo Garcia!

2. Take pictures: If it is safe to do, attorney Domingo Garcia suggests that you always take as many pictures as you can. Take pictures of the sky that day so your Fort Worth attorney can understand what the weather conditions were like that day. Take pictures of your vehicle, the car that crashed into yours. You really want to get as many pictures that show the entire scene. If you have any injuries on your body you want to try to also document those in the moment. In this moment if you remember to take pictures we suggest you go overboard. Your Ft. Worth personal injury attorney can always tell you if a picture is not needed, it’s better to have more than less.

3. Get medical attention: especially with a small car accident or crash, you want to go to the doctor right away even if you think you have no injuries. Attorney Domingo Garcia will tell you this during your free legal consultation, a small car crash still can result in severe injuries to someone. Most everyone will suffer whiplash at the very least, and if not treated right away, it could have lasting consequences. In addition, refusing to seek out medical care could reflect poorly in your car accident claim, with the insurance company attempting to show that maybe you were not injured at all.

4. Avoid speaking to ANY insurance company: Yes this means even your own insurance company. This is probably the most difficult advice that any Fort Worth, Tx car accident attorney will tell you to abide by. We all are workers in our own way, regardless if you are a teacher, a construction worker, a farm worker, a restaurant worker, a truck driver or any professional. It is important to understand that a insurance company’s job is to save money. That is what workers do at the insurance company. That is their job. Even your own insurance company, their job, after your Fort Worth car crash, is not to make sure you get what you deserve, instead they will use your own words against you to minimize your injury.

5. Use a Free Attorney Consultation to Learn Your Rights: If you want to talk to your insurance adjuster on your own, attorney Domingo Garcia’s advice is simple. Call now and take advantage of a free consultation with our office so you can know all of your rights when negotiating with your insurance company.

For example, did you know you can get your medical care covered for free while your claim is pending; an attorney can make sure you do not pay anything out-of-pocket, and only reimburse medical costs once your Fort Worth car accident claim is settled. This is just an example of one of many tricks an experienced Fort Worth, Texas car crash attorney can help you with.

During your free consultation, an attorney from my firm will cover all of these topics in detail.

Accidents are Unfortunate – Having Quality Legal Help Makes the Difference!

Unfortunately for most of us we will be the victims of 2 or 3 vehicle accidents in our driving lifetimes. So this advice can always be helpful to somebody and can make sure that, if you are in a accident you are prepared to fight for your rights, and make sure you are protected.

This information only covers a very little bit of the advice that you would receive if you called a attorney regarding your situation. Many people in the Latino community are often afraid to talk to a attorney; however that is why all of our Fort Worth, Texas accident attorneys provide free legal consultations.

If you have any questions call the Law Offices of Domingo Garcia in Fort Worth at (817) 755-1800. If you found this article helpful, please share it with a friend or two!

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