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Client Receives a Check for $42,342

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This client hired attorney Domingo García after a motorcycle accident. He was hit by a vehicle that threw him into the air. He suffered serious medical injuries from the accident and hired our office to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit.

This client was talking to the insurance company on his own, before he had hired our law offices. They were only willing to offer him $45,000 for a full settlement. Once the client hired us, we pushed the insurance company to actually take into consideration all of the suffering of our client.

This car vs motorcycle accident was caused by the other driver running a red light, and crashing into our client. This created many injuries and many medical bills that had to be compensated for. He had a left forearm fracture, a three-hole volar distal radius plate was implanted. Our attorneys demanded the policy limit from the insurance company, and this case was settled for $100,055!

Net to Client: $42,342

A final settlement is typically used to pay not only our legal fees, but also all pending medical evaluations or bills.

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