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Fort Worth Lyft Accident Lawyer

Lyft accident victims may suffer serious injuries. Your injuries could cause you to need time away from work, which can create a financial burden. You do not have to pay for your accident-related losses when another party’s negligent actions caused the collision. Our Fort Worth Lyft accident lawyer can offer legal support as you pursue compensation.

Rideshare accident insurance can seem complex. We can help you determine which insurer may be responsible for compensating you. Our team has helped accident victims since our founding 35 years ago. An attorney from our firm can offer their legal experience and manage your case for you.

You Can Recover Damages After Being Involved in a Lyft Accident

Our team can help establish the party(s) liable for your injuries.

The attorneys from our firm have been resolving cases like yours for over three decades, and we’ve reached many successful case outcomes. We’ve helped one client recover $2,750,000 for a motor vehicle accident case.

Through an insurance claim or lawsuit, you may be able to recover:

  • Medical expenses, such as the cost of the emergency medical care, as well as the costs of hospitalization, medication, medical devices, physical therapy, and/or occupational therapy
  • Property-related expenses, such as the cost of the repair or replacement of your vehicle and/or other personal property that sustained damage in the accident
  • Work-related losses, including the income you can’t bring in during your recovery, the work benefits you can’t enjoy, and any income-earning capability you’ve lost
  • Non-economic losses, such as emotional trauma, mental suffering, physical pain, loss of life quality, and loss of consortium

Damages You Can Recover if You Lost a Family Member in a Lyft Accident

If you lost a family member in a Lyft accident, you can recover wrongful death damages for your family. These can include:

  • Your mental anguish the loss of your loved one caused
  • Your family member’s pain and suffering they experienced before they passed away
  • Any accident-related medical bills your loved one incurred before their passing
  • Funeral, burial, or cremation costs

How Will Your Fort Worth Lyft Accident Lawyer Establish Liability?

For you to recover your damages, your lawyer will have to determine who is liable for causing them. This could be Lyft, the Lyft driver, another party, or possibly multiple parties. To determine which party is liable, your lawyer will seek out evidence showing that a party was negligent in some way. Sources of potential evidence could be:

  • The accident report the police created
  • The driver’s prior incident reports
  • The vehicle’s maintenance records
  • Traffic or security camera recordings
  • A witness’s cell phone photos of the accident scene
  • An expert witness, such as a car accident reconstructionist
  • Lyft app data that shows when the driver clocked in for work
  • A vehicle’s event data recorder

After determining who is liable, your lawyer can demonstrate that their negligence caused or contributed to your accident. To do this, your attorney can prove the following elements of negligence:

  • The at-fault party had a duty of care, such as a responsibility to drive carefully
  • Breach of duty, which we can prove by showing that the driver was operating their vehicle recklessly
  • Causation, which shows that the Lyft accident was the direct cause of your injuries
  • Damages, which include all the losses you suffered in the accident

We can use any evidence you have to prove the other party’s negligence. If you were unable to collect evidence, our firm can handle this task for you.

Our team will also determine whether Lyft might be liable for your injuries.

Let Our Firm Handle Communication With Insurers

When we file an insurance claim, we need to determine which insurer could be liable for compensating you. This could be Lyft’s insurance, the Lyft driver’s insurance, or another insurance provider. The Lyft driver’s status at the time of the crash will play a role in determining which insurer should pay you. For example:

  • When a Lyft driver is logged in to the Lyft app, but they have no passenger in their car, Lyft’s insurance may cover your losses if the driver’s insurance does not.
  • When a Lyft driver has passengers in their car, or they are en route to pick passengers up, we can file a claim through Lyft’s insurance.
  • When a Lyft driver is not logged in to the Lyft app, we can file a claim with the driver’s insurer instead.

Communicating with the liable insurer can be stressful, especially if that insurer is attempting to devalue or deny your claim. Our team can handle all communication, ensuring you don’t do or say anything that could jeopardize your case.

Our Fort Worth attorneys can explain more about how Lyft accident insurance works when you hire us to handle your case.

We Can File a Lawsuit To Help You Recover Compensation

If an insurance claim does not result in a fair settlement, we will not hesitate to help you file a lawsuit. In Texas, you typically have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, per Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003. If any circumstances alter this filing deadline, your lawyer can explain them to you.

Failure to file a lawsuit on time can mean you are no longer able to recover compensation. Our Fort Worth Lyft accident attorney can help you seek justice and file on time.

Contact Us To Learn More About Our Fort Worth, TX Lyft Accident Attorney

Our firm can help you recover your losses after you suffered injuries in a Fort Worth Lyft accident. We can advise you on your legal options and support you throughout your case. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your free consultation. Call us today so we can begin working on your case.

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