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Can I Get Treatment After a Car or Truck Accident If I don’t Have Insurance?

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Can I Get Treatment After a Car or Truck Accident If I Don’t Have Insurance?

Yes, you can get treatment after a truck or car accident if you don’t have health insurance. In fact, it is critical for you to protect your health by getting treatment for all accident-related injuries. 

While you may worry about having to pay out-of-pocket for medical care, you don’t have to. Either through an insurance claim or lawsuit, a personal injury lawyer can demand that liable parties cover all accident-related medical care.

The car and truck accident attorneys at Domingo Garcia can ensure you get to see highly qualified doctors even if you do not have health insurance.  We have arrangements with doctors and clinics that will NOT require any payment until AFTER the case settles.

Why You Must Get Medical Treatment After a Car Accident in Texas

There should be no question of whether to get medical treatment after your car accident. Your health is simply too important to forgo a thorough medical examination. Reasons to seek medical attention after your accident—even if you don’t have insurance—include:

  • Ensuring you aren’t at risk of serious health complications: Any car or truck accident presents a risk of injury. If you have not undergone a complete medical examination, you cannot be certain you are injury-free. If you do have injuries, it is critical you get treatment and a recovery plan.
  • Establishing a direct link between your car accident and resulting injuries: If you’re injured, you should establish the fact that your car or truck accident caused the injuries. If you don’t get medical care right away, you may leave room for liable parties to claim your injuries are not accident-related.
  • Trusting that an attorney will seek fair compensation for accident-related medical bills: Fear of facing medical bills is one reason why car accident victims don’t seek medical attention. Car accident lawyers exist to seek compensation for car accident victims, and you should take advantage of these available legal services. At Domingo Garcia, we can make sure you receive medical care with no payment until the case has settled.   We can even find hospitals and surgeons operate if you need surgery at no cost until you receive a settlement.

If you have injuries, you’ll likely need to seek medical attention at some point.  If you are feeling pain at the scene, be sure to go immediately to the hospital even if it requires a ride in the ambulance.  If you do not get quick medical treatment, Symptoms may only worsen. If you wait, you may need more significant (and costly) medical treatment. It is best to seek medical attention sooner than later.

After I’ve Gotten Medical Attention, What Should I Do Next?

Once you have received a thorough medical examination and a treatment plan, you may turn your attention to getting compensation for your damages. This includes money to cover your medical care costs.

You can hire a lawyer to seek compensation for you. Car accident victims hire personal injury lawyers because:

  • Victims are not familiar with car accident cases: For most, car accidents are rare. The post-accident process can be confusing, and a car accident victim may not know what to do. By hiring a lawyer, you can avoid having to learn about the legal or claims process.
  • They must focus on their recovery: If your focus is on resting and recovering from injuries, handling your own claim or lawsuit can only take away from that focus. In order to give both your recovery and your case due attention, you can hire a lawyer to handle the case while you focus on your health.
  • They value the resources that a law firm offers: Our firm provides extensive resources, including lawyers, paralegals, and financial support. We can also hire experts who may improve the chances of winning your case.

The more serious your injuries are, the more you may benefit from hiring a lawyer. However, anyone with any injury after a car accident may benefit from the services our firm provides. We’ll fight for the entire financial recovery that you should receive.

And always remember, if you do not have a doctor or health insurance, contact Domingo Garcia Law Firm immediately because we can have you seen by a doctor or clinic within 24 hours, many times on the same day that you contact us.

How a Lawyer Can Help After Your Car Accident

Our attorneys understand the post-accident process well. Whether we help with an insurance claim or lawsuit, our duties in car accident cases typically include:

Calculating Your Accident’s Costs

The National Safety Council (NSC) explains that the severity of your injuries may affect the cost of your damages. We will determine the types of injuries you’ve suffered and their severity, as well as every other factor that can affect the cost of your case.

Documenting Your Damages

We document the damages of car accident victims with:

  • Expert testimony about the damages
  • Images of injuries
  • Medical records
  • Medical bills
  • Accident-related invoices 

Documentation helps prove exactly how your car accident has affected your life.

Gathering Evidence of Negligence

Someone is generally liable for a car accident if their negligence caused the collision. We will collect any evidence that helps prove who is liable for your accident.

Leading Settlement Discussions

Our attorneys will lead settlement talks on your behalf. We will present all relevant evidence and documentation and our calculation of damages.

Taking Your Case to Trial, if Necessary

Our attorneys are comfortable in the courtroom. If it is in your best interests to take your case to trial, we will take your case to trial.

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Our car accident attorneys will help ensure you get the treatment you need after a car accident. We will then fight for the compensation you deserve.

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