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Dallas Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Dallas Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A bicycle accident can leave victims with debilitating injuries. Due to the lack of protection bikes provide, you might be suffering from broken bones or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). If someone else was the reason you got hurt in a bicycle accident, you deserve compensation. A Dallas bicycle accident lawyer from our firm can help.

Our legal team is qualified to handle any and all legal tasks that come up during your case. We can fight for the money you need to pay for medical care, property damage, and more.

What Our Dallas Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Do for Your Case

A Dallas personal injury lawyer from Domingo Garcia can help you get your case organized. To do this, we can:

  • Provide you with a free case review over the phone to inform you of your rights after a bike accident
  • Collect evidence to support your right to damages from whoever caused or contributed to your bike accident injuries
  • Reach out to the at-fault party (e.g., a driver) and their insurance company, asking them to pay the amount of compensation we feel is fair
  • Fight for an appropriate settlement or jury award, depending on the needs of your case
  • Send and receive paperwork and communications regarding your case, relaying messages to you, and advising you on how to respond

It is normal for clients to feel confused or overwhelmed by the legal process: they have just sustained a serious injury, and they are not trained in how to deal with insurance companies, courts, and so on.

Domingo Garcia strives to be there for our clients in their time of need. Our clients are welcome to contact us with questions, comments, or updates whenever they feel the need for additional assistance.

Damages You Can Recover After a Dallas Bicycle Accident

When another party’s negligence caused you to get seriously injured, our attorney can help you get compensated for your losses. Some examples of negligence that could have caused your accident include:

  • A driver who hit you or forced you off the road because they weren’t paying attention to cyclists.
  • A manufacturer who sold an unsafe bicycle (or an unsafe bicycle part, like a chain or a brake).
  • A government agency that allowed potholes, broken traffic signs, or other hazards to remain for an unreasonable length of time. These hazards can cause bicyclists to get injured.

It would not be fair for you to shoulder the costs of your bicycle accident alone. A lawyer from our Dallas team could help you seek damages for losses like:

  • Damage to your bicycle, up to and including replacing the bike if it is beyond repair
  • Medical care costs, like surgery for spinal injuries or medication to manage pain
  • Loss of present and future income, if the bike accident kept you from going to work and/or will keep you from earning a living in the future
  • Reduced quality of life, if you are unable to ride a bike again or need help with basic tasks like getting dressed
  • Pain and suffering, for any physical suffering caused by the accident or accident injuries
  • Mental anguish, if the bicycle accident has affected your mental well-being
  • Disability, if your injuries have cost you a limb, an organ, intellectual capacity, range of motion, or any ability you had before the bike crash
  • Disfigurement, if you have scars from the accident, like if you suffered severe road rash when you fell off your bike
  • Wrongful death damages, such as funeral and burial costs, if your loved one passed away in a bicycle accident

We sit down with each client to discuss the many ways their bicycle accident has affected their lives. From this discussion, we can create a list of the physical, financial, and mental losses they can seek compensation for.

Our Lawyers Help Bicyclists and Other Accident Survivors

We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in settlements. In one case, for example, we recovered a $3 million settlement for a motorcyclist injured by a commercial vehicle.

If you were hurt in a bicycle accident in Dallas, we can help you fight for compensation. Bicycle accidents are dangerous, according to recent statistics. For example:

Our team will help you file an insurance claim or a lawsuit against the party who caused your bicycle accident.

We Can Help You in the Case of Wrongful Death

We also accept cases where the bicyclist does not survive long enough to file a personal injury lawsuit, and where the surviving family decides to file a wrongful death lawsuit instead.

A wrongful bicycle accident death could make you eligible for:

  • Any income you expected your loved one to earn and put toward supporting their family throughout the course of their career
  • The grief you have experienced since learning of the bike accident and that comes with knowing the deceased can never give you affection or comfort again
  • The cost of respecting your loved one’s final wishes regarding burial, distribution of their possessions, and more

If you have lost someone you care about in a bicycle accident—or even if you survived the accident but are facing serious challenges—we are so sorry for our loss. Domingo Garcia can help you file a lawsuit. This legal action could both secure financial compensation your family needs and make sure the at-fault party is held responsible for what they did to you.

You Must File Your Lawsuit on Time in Dallas

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 allows accident survivors (or the surviving relatives of the victim) just two years to take legal action for compensation. By filing a case within this deadline, you indicate that:

  • You have suffered some kind of injury in a bicycle accident
  • You have good reason to believe that the at-fault party owes you money for that injury
  • You want to exercise your right to receive that money

When you work with Domingo Garcia, we will make sure your lawsuit is filed on time so you don’t miss your chance for compensation.

Contact Us to Learn How Our Bicycle Accident Team Can Help

Whether you were involved in a bicycle accident, a car accident, or any other type of traffic collision, a lawyer from the Dallas office of Domingo Garcia can help. For a free case review, call our bilingual firm today. You do not have to pay any attorney’s fees until we win compensation for you.

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