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Thousands of earthquakes are shaking Texas. What the frack is going on?

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For years we have been told fracking and oil-production will not damage the environment, and yet now it is coming out that there are already consequences being felt as a result of the fracking boom.

These are just what is now known about the problem, and no one really knows how this is going to affect all of us long-term. The earthquakes from this problem in West Texas are already being felt in Dallas and Fort Worth.

According to a study of the recent tremors, several of the earthquakes felt were level 4 magnitude. For those of us living in Texas this is going to be a new reality, and something our building codes have not taken into consideration.

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Texas went big on oil. Earthquakes followed.

VOX News
By Neel Dhanesha

The reason why is disconcerting: Seismologists say that one of the state’s biggest industries is upsetting a delicate balance deep underground. They blame the oil and gas business — and particularly a technique called wastewater injection — for waking up ancient fault lines, turning a historically stable region into a shaky one, and opening the door to larger earthquakes that Texas might not be ready for.

The state is finally trying to change that. In December, the Texas Railroad Commission — the state agency that regulates oil and gas operations and no longer has anything to do with railroads — suspended wastewater injection at 33 sites across a region where more than half a million people live. This is a notable turnaround for the Railroad Commission, which until recently did not acknowledge a link between oil and gas operations and earthquakes, and might be a sign of just how serious the earthquakes have gotten.

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