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Industrial Oil Rig Accident Kills Worker in Humble, Texas

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In Texas where we have so many oil and gas companies at work, it isn’t uncommon to hear about the death of a oil field worker, but it is still a problem. A majority of the time, when a worker is killed in an oil rig accident it is because of some type of mistake made on behalf of the employers, or the proper safety protocols not being followed.

The sheriff has responded to this worker death in Humble, Texas. The industrial accident happened on an oil rig in NorthEast Harris County. According to the Sheriff the worker died when the back of the oil rig fell and landed on top of him.

This case is a tragedy because it most likely could have been prevented.

Just a few of the common causes of oil field accidents we see here at the Law Offices of Domingo Garcia include:

  • Negligent or improperly trained workers on the oil rig
  • Improperly stored chemicals or substances
  • Gas leaks
  • High pressure in oil wells
  • Falling objects, tools, or debris
  • Cable or block breaks
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Faulty and poorly maintained grating, pipe tongs, and other types of equipment
  • Improperly used tools, machinery, or equipment
  • Combustible chemicals and substances
  • Explosions
  • Careless or reckless behavior by workers
  • Delayed equipment repair or maintenance
  • Poor communication on the rig

Worker killed on oil rig during industrial accident in Humble area, HCSO sheriff says


HCSO units responded to an industrial accident at the 7000 blk of Winfield Rd, near Suburban Rd, in the Humble area. An adult male was working on an oil rig when the back of the rig fell and landed on the male. The male was confirmed deceased on scene. #HouNews

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