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Newsweek: “White House Supports Stimulus Checks for Citizens Born to Undocumented Immigrants”

Home » Newsweek: “White House Supports Stimulus Checks for Citizens Born to Undocumented Immigrants”

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Each election cycle the Latino community turns out the vote, yet some politicians just promise change without actually falling through. A recent vote to ensure stimulus check are provided to anyone with a SSN ended with 8 democrats, joining republicans in opposing it.

In response there has been strong outrage shared with the members who voted this way. LULAC specifically targetted the Sen. from Colorado, especially since nearly 25% of the population is Latino. We need our community and our voice to be respected. Attorney Garcia believes in speaking out against injustice, whether in the courtroom or in the streets.

Eight Democrats Voted in Favor of an Amendment from Republican

By Adrian Carrasquillo

“It’s not a progressive-moderate thing, there was no reason for them to vote like they did. I’m fairly certain they voted this way because they don’t want the narrative to be that they’re providing benefits to undocumented immigrants when they could be going to citizens,” the ally told Newsweek.

Among the senators that have faced the fiercest backlash is Hickenlooper, who was criticized in a media blast after his vote by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) which is active in his state of Colorado. He later reached out to the group to schedule a phone call with leadership to discuss the vote, Newsweek has learned. “He represents a blue state, he didn’t need to pander to the right,” LULAC president Domingo Garcia, told Newsweek.

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