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Arlington Uber Accident Lawyer

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Arlington Uber Accident Lawyer

If you or a person close to you had an Uber accident in Arlington, Texas, you may have serious injuries and many other damages, or you may have lost the person close to you and have wrongful death damages. In any case, the personal injury attorneys at Domingo Garcia can help by recovering your compensation.

We will take on every task of your rideshare car accident case, including suing the other party, if necessary. Our lawyer can even help you get any further medical care you may need, such as care for a spinal injury. You’ll be able to focus entirely on your recovery and your family. In a free consultation, we can tell you more about the service you can expect from your Arlington Uber accident lawyer.

What Kind of Compensation Can You Get for an Uber Accident in Arlington, TX?

In an Uber accident case, you could receive compensation if you were a motorist, Uber passenger, or another injured party. However, if you pursue compensation through the other party’s insurance, you could recover only basic financial damages. If you hire our Arlington car accident lawyers to represent you, we could pursue compensation and negotiate with the liable party’s insurer for additional damages or sue the liable party directly.

We can also help you identify all your damages, including the intangible ones that can be difficult to measure, such as physical pain. They can even attribute monetary values to your intangible damages. This will allow us to claim these damages and recover fair amounts for them. You also may be able to claim and recover the following:

  • Employment income and benefits: These could include income you can’t bring in during your recovery or even indefinitely and benefits you can’t enjoy. Our attorney may also be able to claim and recover lost income-earning potential.
  • Personal property expenses: These could be the repair bills for damaged property, such as your vehicle and its contents.
  • Medical bills: These could include the bills for lifesaving services, additional treatment services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, other therapy, prescriptions, and/or assistive equipment or services.
  • Physical suffering: Our lawyer can demand damages such as pain, impairment, and loss of intimate relations.
  • Emotional/mental suffering: This could be emotional trauma, mental anguish, loss of affection, and/or impaired quality of life.
  • Major damages: If your accident was catastrophic, our attorney can demand disability, disfigurement, and other losses.

Other Possible Recoverable Damages

Depending on your case, we might be able to get other damages. For example, if you have a case involving an Uber driver’s gross negligence, a court could award punitive damages. If your loved one died in an Arlington rideshare accident because of someone else’s negligence, our Arlington wrongful death lawyer could help your family recover damages as:

  • Lost family income
  • Cremation/burial and funeral costs
  • Unresolved medical expenses
  • Your loved one’s pain before a loss of life
  • Your family’s emotional and mental suffering
  • Lost love and support

Who Is Responsible for an Accident With an Uber Vehicle?

As an accident victim, you are not responsible for the collision. Most likely, the Uber driver or Uber itself is responsible. Regardless, our Arlington rideshare accident lawyer can identify the party responsible for your incident and liable for your damages. We can also set out to prove that a party is liable.

If the driver or the rideshare company was negligent in some way, they may be liable. We will seek out evidence of negligence, which could be:

  • Data contained in a vehicle’s event data recorder
  • Data in the Uber application
  • Details the authorities noted in their accident report
  • Details in the driver’s driving record
  • Photos from a witness’s cell phone
  • Recordings from a traffic camera

Proving liability requires more than just evidence. A lawyer must also show:

  • The driver or company owed you a duty of care, such as a duty to drive with care.
  • The party breached their duty, such as by driving while distracted by an incoming rideshare request.
  • The breach of duty caused the incident.
  • The incident caused your damages.

The Responsible Insurance Company

In a case like yours, the driver’s insurance company or Uber‘s insurance company may be responsible for compensating you. It depends on which party is liable and some other circumstances. An attorney can determine which insurance company to pursue compensation from.

Our Arlington Uber Accident Lawyer Will Work to Recover Your Damages

Together, you and our Arlington Uber accident attorney will decide how to pursue your damages. You could file an insurance claim or sue for your damages. When you decide, we can take care of the process for you.

If you decide to go through insurance, we can negotiate with the insurer for a fair settlement. This settlement could cover your damages. However, we might have to fight for the damages the insurer typically doesn’t cover.

If the insurer still doesn’t cooperate, or if you decide not to pursue your damages through insurance, our lawyer can file a lawsuit. Then, they can bring your case before a judge and recover your damages in court instead.

Contact Domingo Garcia About Your Uber Accident Lawyer in Arlington, TX

If you or a loved one had an Uber accident in Arlington, Texas, our firm can seek to recover compensation, even if we must sue for it. We can even refer you to a doctor for any medical care you may still need, like care for a traumatic chest injury. You can count on us to support you in many ways, and you should be confident in our abilities.

Our attorneys have been helping clients like you for 35 years. For example, our lead attorney, Domingo Garcia, recovered $1,100,000 for a car accident victim. Our attorneys have also recovered millions for other clients. No matter how serious your injuries are, we can review your situation to see how we can help. We’ll tell you more after we’ve reviewed your case. Contact Domingo Garcia today for your free case review.

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