Ticket Giveaway for the 2016 Ann Richards Dinner


Once again, the Collin County Democratic Party is gearing up for our annual Ann Richards Fundraiser Dinner, Saturday, August 27, at the McKinney Sheraton Hotel.

We will have not one, but TWO KEYNOTE SPEAKERS who will entertain guests with their memories of Ann Richards, our Governor from 1991-1995. Jim Hightower was Texas Agriculture Commissioner from 1983-1991. Mary Beth Rogers was Ann’s Campaign Manager both for her victory and for her defeat for re-election.

Jim Hightower, self-proclaimed populist, author, blogger and political humorist, reminds us that, “Democracy is not something that happens…just with one event. It’s an ongoing building process…that ought to be a part of our culture, a part of our lives.”

In her latest book, Turning Texas Blue, Mary Beth Rogers says she’s watched as Democrats have slipped further and further into irrelevance, even as the GOP lost interest in governing and began catering to its increasingly extreme far-right wing. In her book, she imparts 10 sure-fire ideas on how to loosen the GOP’s grip on America’s reddest state.

We honor Ann Richards at our fundraiser because she fought for the little people and worked tirelessly to diversify Texas. She said instead of her tombstone reading, “She kept a really clean house,” she wanted us to remember her by saying, “She opened government to everyone.”

We believe we have an opportunity to turn Collin County Blue with your help. We have our largest slate of candidates since 2002, we are busy organizing wonderful volunteers to get out the vote up and down the ballot, we are executing on our strategy from the Coordinated Campaign Committee to build on the record voter turnout we experienced in the 2016 Primary Election.