Recent Client Settlements

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Motor Vehicle Accident

This case was recently settled with a final judgement in the amount of $22,921.64. After all medical bills and expenses the client received $6,330.02.

I would like to thank Attorney Miguel Cazarez and all his team for the amazing work they did on my case. My experience with them has been positive, they are good people. I recommend them as they are hard-working and true professionals in their work.
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Getting you what you deserve

Regardless of your injury it is always best to talk to an attorney to find out what relief you may have available to you. This case was settled for $48,500, well above what was initially offered to the client. After all bills and expenses the client received $22,993.26.

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Attorneys you can trust!

This case was recently settled for $45,000, after all expenses and bills the client received $12,792.68.

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