Ramon Gonzalez Case


Net to client: $451,931

On or about June1, 2004 decedent died while in the course and scope of his employment. Under the control and supervision and directions of agents and employees of Texfire Inc., Texfire Sprinklers LLC d.b.a Texas Sprinklers, decedent was working at a commercial warehouse located on 2700 East Plano Parkway, Plano, Texas 75023. Defendant, Riggins-Moreland Engineering, Inc., an electrical sub-contractor, dug a hole on the premises and failed to place any warning around it or attempt to cover the hole.

At Approximately 2:39 PM., decedent was operating a scissor lift in the warehouse when the front driver’s side wheel fell in the 2’x2’ hole causing the lift to fall on the driver’s side and impact a wall brace. Ramon Gonzalez’s head impacted the concrete, causing a fatal injury. As a result of Defendants’ gross-negligence, their intentional misconduct and/or their omission, decedent’s fellow worked watched helplessly in horror when Mr. Gonzalez’s life ended.

This wrongful death was proximately caused by the gross negligence, intentional misconduct and/or omission of Defendants. Defendants actions constituted an omission in that they failed to properly train their employees on how to operate the scissor lifts safely so as to prevent harmful acts to be caused against other employees or the public at large. Furthermore, Defendants are liable for their tortuous omissions in that they failed to cover up the 2’x2’ hole in the ground as to prevent the employees operating the scissor lift from falling into the hole.