Plaintiff-Faustino de la Paz


Net to client: $1,736,033

Plaintiff-Faustino de la Paz, Plaintiffs bring this suit to recover damages for the wrongful death of decedent. On or about March 18, 2012, while in the course and scope of his employment, was loading and unloading catering products and supplies. As Decedent was exiting the main dock, he slipped and fell under a moving truck, which rolled over him. On the date of the accident, the area of the outbound dock stairway where the Decedent slipped contained loose and hazardous materials, which could have caused the Decedent to slip. There was no lighting in the area of the outbound dock. The driver of the truck, did not see the Decedent in time to stop his truck, causing his fatal injuries and death.