Plaintiff-Alejandro Rodriguez-Mendez

While in the course and scope of his employment, the Decedent was finishing up his work while working on the unprotected roof line when the Decedent fell to the ground. The Decedent suffered severe pain, injuries, and mental anguish up to and prior to his death. Prior to this fall, the Decedent had not had adequate safety training nor was he supplied with a fall-restraint harness or other similar fall-arrest system.

The Decedent’s employer and other contractors who had actual and contractual control of the job site had instructed the Decedent to work on the unprotected roof line with others, even though it posed an unreasonably dangerous condition at the job site. Additionally, the Defendants knew or should have known of the dangerous condition that the unprotected roof line posed. However, the Defendants failed to exercise ordinary care by not making the Decedent’s work area safe and did not make an adequate effort to protect the Decedent at the time of the accident by not providing safety equipment, training or supervision. Further, Defendants owed an additional duty to inspect any dangerous condition or to give the Decedent adequate warning of the dangerous condition, but failed to do so.

By breaching their duty to adequately warn the Decedent of the dangerous condition, and/or make the condition reasonably safe for the Decedent, Defendants were the proximate cause of the Decedent’s injuries and death.


Net to client: $316,667