Most Accident Prone Intersections in Houston

Houston is the most populated city in Texas. Which is why we likely see the most car accidents in Texas here. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT), there were 107,215 accidents in Harris County in 2018.

Some more in-depth car crash statistics for Harris County according to the DOT:

  • 368 of those accidents were fatal, resulting in 391 deaths
  • 1,662 accidents caused serious injury, injuring 1,947 people
  • 20,517 of the accidents caused an injury of some kind, harming 31,570 people

Houston also ranks among the worst cities for traffic in the U.S. Houston ranks near the top of several “worst” categories, a recent study conducted by Auto Insurance Center reports.

In recent statistics released from the TXDoT these intersections have the highest rates of car accidents in the Houston area. All of these intersections are outside the center of the city, with all but one being on or outside of Beltway 8. With so much urban development and many people living in suburbs and farther away from downtown it is no surprise that these outer intersections, many of which are on major thoroughfares, become dangerous especially during rush hour.

The top 10 most accident prone intersections in Houston

  1. 610 and Wallisville Road
  2. Highway 225 and Beltway 8
  3. Highway 59 and Highway 1960
  4. Highway 6 and FM 529
  5. Westheimer and Highway 6
  6. FM 1093 and Beltway 8
  7. Louetta Rd. and I-45
  8. U.S. Route 90 Alt. and Beltway 8
  9. SH-249 and FM 2920
  10. Beltway 8 and Genoa Red Bluff Road

If you frequent any of these intersections use an extra degree of caution and minimize any distractions as you approach and make your way through. Also, since many of these intersections are along highways or their associated frontage roads cars coming through the intersection may be moving at a higher rate of speed, especially if someone is trying to speed through a yellow light. Drivers should always look before proceeding through an intersection even if you have a green light. Just using a little more focus at these intersections can keep you from becoming another accident on the list.

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10 Driving Tips to Prevent a Sudden Accidents

  1. Adjust your Mirrors Properly: rear and side mirrors are more than just decoration, always ensure they are in the right position. Poor positioning of side mirrors can lead to accidents as people switch lanes without seeing the car next to them. While “blind spots” will always exist in side mirrors, however bad positioned mirrors will just amplify your risks.
  2. Do Not Drive Slowly in Passing Lane: remember, the lanes to the right are for slower moving vehicles and the lanes on the left are for faster driving cars. Figure out which lane you are comfortable driving in based on your speed.
  3. Always Use Your Turn Signal: your signal informs other drivers as to your intentions. When you do not use your signal you are changing lanes on the highway, or turning a corner on a city street, it forces other drivers around you to react to your actions at the last second without any warning. This is how accidents happen.
  4. Don’t Forget to Turn Off Your High Beams: while important to use while driving on streets with limited visibility, you should always remember to turn them off when other motorists are near. High beams should also never be used in fog or certain weather conditions, like snow. Also just pass a quick glance at your dashboard to ensure you haven’t accidentally turned on your high beams.
  5. Drive With One Foot: do not ride your brakes. This is the practice of driving with one foot on your brake pedal and the other on the gas pedal. Not only will this wear out your breaks but it also can cause fender benders and more serious accidents as drivers behind you won’t be able to react to the jerking of your car.
  6. Always Re-Adjust your Seating: especially if you are not in your own vehicle, or have a habit of borrowing cars. Reaction times can be slowed down if your legs are too stretched out and your feet are barely touching the gas or brake pedals. Think of race-car drivers and how alert they are in their cars.
  7. Turn In Your Own Lane: accidentally crossing multiple lanes while turning a corner is a common mistake, however it can be a costly and dangerous one. If you want to intentionally change lanes, you need to complete the turn first in your own lane, and then signal and switch lanes.
  8. Yellow Means Slow Down, Not Speed Up! Many of the accidents we have seen taking place at an intersection has been the result of a driver attempting to beat a light. It is best to be cautious and patient. When a light turns yellow, slow down and stop. The 90 seconds that you may have to wait for the light to change to green, could save your life and thousands of dollars in medical bills and damages to your car.
  9. Do Not Stop Suddenly Without Warning: you are driving down the street and suddenly remember you need to stop at HEB to pick up a last minute dinner. You slam on the brakes without thinking, and the driver behind you has no chance to even react, rear-ending your car. Stopping suddenly and without warning is one of the biggest mistakes drivers make, and it is the cause of one of the highest incidents of accidents on roads and highways. Always be aware and give enough time for those around you to react to your decisions.
  10. Understand the difference between ‘daylights’ and “nightlights”: Your daylights will only provide you front headlights, however your brake-lights will be disabled. So ensure you are using your daylights only for daytime driving.
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