Luis David Lara

On the morning of August 10, 2005, Luis David Lara was an employee of Defendants, Frontier Framing, Inc. and was being controlled and supervised by Associated Truss Company, Inc. and CME Builders, Inc. and/or CME Builders & Engineers, Inc. (hereinafter “CME”) While working for the Defendants the deceased, Luis David Lara, was in a wooden box constructed with Associated Truss Company, Inc’s Lumber and lifted into the air by an Associated Truss Company, Inc. Skytrak operated by Juan Molina of Frontier Framing, Inc. to a second floor level in order to nail in some wood at the roof line.

The box began to tilt causing the forklift to drop the box onto the ground severely injuring Luis David Lara and another employee. Immediately beside the wall of this building being constructed were a pair of large steel beams that had been left at the site since an earlier phase of the building’s construction. The beams were surplus and were not going to be used in the building. The other employee who fell did not land on the beams and survived the fall, Mr. Lara unfortunately landed on the beams and suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Some time latter Mr. Lara succumbed to his injuries. The work site is located at 1616 N. Galloway in Mesquite, Texas, and was under the exclusive control and directions of CME who was the general contractor I charge of safety.


Net to client: $242,099