Katherine Frances


Net to client: $515,309

On or about Sunday, December 3, 2006, the decedent, Katherince Frances, a six-year-old minor, who was a temporary guest at her foster home and was left unattended without any adult supervision, when she was intentionally and savagely beaten at her foster home. Specifically, Katherine Frances was violently struck and body slammed onto the ground at least four times at that foster house.

The beating resulted in severe injuries and head trauma, and Katherine Frances subsequently died from these injuries. This terrible and brutal beating was done while Katherine Frances minor siblings Alexander, Leslie and Karla watched in horror. Additionally, it is in Plaintiff’ information and belief that his was not the first beating that Katherine Frances had endured in that foster home. In fact, on or about November 25, 2006, the children were removed from foster care, only to be returned, knowingly, to the same abuse, neglect, and violence at that foster home.

It is for the injuries suffered by Katherine Frances, and her subsequent death, and the mental injuries sustained by her siblings Alexander, Leslie, Karla and mother for which the Plaintiff’ assert their claims herein. Katherine was pronounced brain dead shortly after arrival at the hospital and two days later life support was discontinued under the mindful and worried eyes of her mother Marbella Frances and her siblings Alexander, Leslie, and Karla. Katherine Frances died while in the arms of her mother on Tuesday, December 5, 2006, as a result of the injuries sustained in her foster home.

At all relevant times, Katherine Frances her three minor sibling were under the care, supervision, and control of Defendants, who had placed them in that foster home Moreover, it is in Plaintiff’ information and belief that Defendant Mesa Family Services, Inc., though purportedly dissolved, is still actively participating in foster care by maintaining the same employees.