Irma and Diana Rodriguez

Congrats to our new Houston attorney Lena Jospeh who in first trial for our office got a nice verdict of $68,000.00 – Medical submitted total: $31,822.00 for Irma and $9,192.00 for minor Daniella

Pre-Trial Offers for Irma was $15,500.00 and Diana was $7,500.00

Jury awarded damages as follows:

Irma Rodriguez (mother) – Spanish speaker
$31,822.00 Past Meds
$12,000.00 Past Pain
$ 5,000.00 Past Physical Impairment
=$48,822.00 Total

Minor Diana
$9,192.00 Past Meds
$4,500.00 Past Pain
$4,500.00 Past Physical Impairment
=$18,192.00 Total