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What you need to know about your Accident police report

There is no denying Covid-19 and the pandemic we are all living through. It is a reality that is hard to miss, and something that has turned all of our lives around in one way or another. Whether it is longer delays waiting for items to come back in stock at the grocery store, or back-ups in prescription medicines, everyone is equally feeling the disorganization this pandemic has brought. Getting your police report is one of these things that, with covid-19 and the closure of many in-person services, or appointments only, it makes getting simple documents from city offices much more of a headache. 

In these instances time is usually of the essence, whether it be because you need to get records for your insurance company, or for the auto shop to repair your damaged or totaled car. At the end of the day if you just want your report the fastest way to secure it is by requesting a free consultation with the Law Offices of Domingo Garcia

We have attorneys and investigators on staff that, as part of a free consultation, will initiate a Open Records Request to the relevant police agency in Houston, and secure your report within 7 to 10 days. Our office will then provide you with the full report, and with the additional knowledge you will gain from the consultation, you will be able to move forward in such a way that you are compensated for not only your inconvenience, but also damages to your vehicle and yourself.

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Do I Really Need an Attorney to Help Me get my crash accident report?

It is definitely fair to feel a bit intimidated about the possibility of talking to an attorney about a simple car accident. However, this is one of those situations in life where you really want to just be extra careful that you have all of the info so you can make an informed decision. Our office sends out hundreds of letters everyday, so for us initiating an Open Records Request for your car accident or police report is no inconvenience at all.

What Information Do You Need From Me to Request a Houston Police Report?

Thankfully this process has become easier over the years as police agencies have been able to upload their reports online. In order for them to be able to find your report on their computer system, we will need the following information from you regarding your car accident:

  • Crash ID (referred to as the incident # which the investigating police officer may have provided you at the time of your accident);
  • Name of person involved in the crash;
  • Date of the crash; and/or
  • Location of the crash.

In order for our office to be able to request your accident report we will need at least two of these pieces of information.

a sample traffice crash police report copy for houston car accidents

Your Own Insurance Company Will Not Fight for You

It is one of the biggest untold myths we always try to break down for people. Insurance companies, despite your own loyalty to the company in making timely monthly payments for years, have zero loyalty to you. Rather all they simply care about is their own bottom line and how little they can pay in money for damages you have suffered. 

We share this information with clients not to scare them, but rather to give you the edge so you can actually ask for what you deserve. This where having a consultation to get a  copy of your police accident report will set you apart from others who just blindly trust insurance adjusters. Not only will our attorneys help you initiate an Open Records Request, but you will also learn about your rights as a victim, so when you get the accident report you know your options.

What Is the Benefit of Going Forward With a Free Consultation?

There are so many things that you can do on your own, and maybe with some google research just figure it out. When it comes to recovering compensation for damages you have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence you will be going up against trained insurance adjusters who know what they are doing, and are only concerned for their own bottom line. If you do not have an attorney insurance adjusters will try to downplay your injuries or give you a low-ball offer for your claim. 

The most important part of getting a consultation is to really learn your rights and understand how to best advocate on your own behalf. Even if you end up hiring an attorney, you should still know your rights so that you know if your attorney is pursuing your case in the way they ought to be. It is hard to ask for what you need when you do not even know what you are allowed to ask for.

  • Common types of car insurance in Texas; how your (or the other driver’s) insurance affects your car accident claim;
  • An in-depth look at a driver’s obligations after a car accident in Texas;
  • An overview of what to expect from the insurance company adjusters, attorneys and other professionals you may need to communicate with;
  • Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Texas for bringing a car accident claim;
  • The four elements of negligence that go into proving who is at fault for an accident;
  • Properly estimating damages (medical expenses, lost wages, past and future income and property damage.

These are just a few of the subjects that we touch on during a consultation so do not get overwhelmed! If you give us your information now, it is best for us to request a copy of your Houston car accident police report so we can have it to review during your consultation.