Edgar Omar Navarro


Net to client: $581,191

Puente-Navarros Plaintiffs bring this suit to recover survival and wrongful death damages for the mortal injuries and untimely death of Edgar Omar Navarro. On or about August 14, 2006, decedent was operating a tractor-trailer owned by Defendants and working in the course and scope of his employment by Defendants. The property was a high-rise commercial construction sit in downtown Dallas, Texas, and Defendants had previously agreed that Mr. Navarro shall take all on-site direction from his dispatcher. Consequently, Mr. Navarro drove Defendants’ tractor-trailer to a particular location in the site’s debris pit, per the orders and instructions of Defendants and/or their authorized personnel, and that pit was an inherently dangerous workplace.

While sitting in the tractor portion of Defendant’ 18 wheeler, a Bobcat front-end loader lead by Defendants broke through a pile o f rubble on the 19th floor of that work site, sending giant pieces of concrete falling to the ground below and on top of the vehicle in which Mr. Navarro sat. That bobcat was originally lease to Cleveland Wrecking Company. However, through a joint venture or joint enterprise, Defendants then became the lessee of that bobcat by the way of financial incentives.

Defendants never attempted to determine the competency or skill of the person(s) who were operating that bobcat on that job site. Mr. Navarro was at that jobs site for this vehicle to be loaded with debris, so Mr. Navarro could haul that Load of debris away from that job site.

Defendants knew and approved of the construction and demolition methods and practices of that job site. While talking with his wife, Plaintiff Maria Alicia Puente-Navarro, on a cell phone, one of the larger pieces of concrete fell onto the cab of that 18-wheeler truck, crushing decedent and ultimately causing his death. Tragically, Maria was actually talking with her husband the moment this tragedy occurred.