Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) News

June 30, 2017

Yesterday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and 10 other states sent a letter to President Trump demanding that the federal government revoke the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative. If they succeed with this cruel attack on young people, it will force over 700,000 children and students, currently under protection, to lose their work permits and be forced to go back into the shadows.

Thanks to DACA, young immigrant adults can work legally in this country and attend college or universities without the fear of being deported over something they had no control over while crossing the border. To go after the young men and women who have been contributing to America and our communities is unchristian and Un-American. This attack goes against all of the values the Statue of Liberty symbolizes.

Attorney General Paxton is using immigrant children as political piñatas, banging them with his fear mongering, in order to score cheap political points with his base. He is once again fighting against the Latino community in a civil rights complaint submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice. Tarrant County’s United Hispanic Council (UHC) alleges that Paxton’s investigation on voter fraud targeted Texas’ fast-growing Hispanic population in order to suppress the votes of the minorities.

President of LULAC 102, Domingo Garcia, joins others in urging President Trump to not cave into this cruel threat. This move would be unwise and an inhumane attack on young people. These young adults entire lives depend on this lifeline the U.S. government extended through the DACA program. Garcia stated “there will be resistance and preparations against this attack as it is both a moral imperative and a national necessity to fight for the future of our country”.

Senator Sylvia R. Garcia also released a statement “This is an unwarranted attack on immigrant youth, known as DREAMers, that have done nothing but go to school, pay taxes, attend college, and work to better their lives, Texas, and the United States of America. Without DACA, these students would be forced back into the shadows with no employment authorization, no access to identification, and it would undermine the Texas investment in their education. Regardless of the naysayers, I certainly hope they are not thought of as anything other than what they are — bright young men and women who will enrich our country and are more than worth the small investment we make in their future. There is no justification to end the DACA policy, except to perpetuate fear and hatred towards all immigrants”.

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For information contact Delma Gorostieta or Domingo Garcia at 214-941-8300.
President of LULAC 102 Domingo Garcia
District Director North Texas LULAC Carlos Manuel
Cristina Garcia