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Car Accident Settlement: $34,758

Motor Vehicle Accident – Car Accident Settlement

Our lawyers represent a number of people who have been the victims of car accidents. Whether you are in a car accident on the highway, freeway, interstate, or just city roads and streets, The Law Office of Domingo Garcia is here for you. No one wants to be involved in a lawsuit, just the same way that no one wants to be the victim of other drivers negligence or mistakes. A car accident is never something that can just be forgotten about, if not the physical injuries, you will be left in the cold with thousands in medical bills and car damages.

If you are ever involved in a similar legal action you will want an attorney like Domingo Garcia on your side. Not only do we push to settle beyond the insurance limits, but we also ensure that all of your medical fees and costs are paid for through your settlement. Ms Mokba’s case was settled for $100,000; with $34,658 in legal fees and a net settlement to the client of $34,758. The rest of the settlement was allocated to pay for medical bills resulting from the car accident.

If you or a loved one are involved in any type of accident that causes you harm and inconveniences you, please know that you can reach out to our office. The Law Office of Domingo Garcia has someone available 24/7 to answer your calls and questions. We feel truly honored to be able to help so many people when they may be going through a very frustrating process. We believe in supporting and standing by all of our clients, just as we did for Ms. Mokba!

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