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18-Wheeler Accident Settlement: $142,663

Motor Vehicle Accident – 18-Wheeler Settlement

This client was the victim of a severe accident involving an 18-wheeler truck. This case was recently settled for $350,000, and after fees and medical bills, the net to client was $142,663.

This case is a good reminder for all of us of the true dangers we face on the highway or freeway. This is why at the Law Office of Domingo Garcia, we always try to encourage our clients to always be vigilant on the road. These types of accidents can often cause life-long injuries and debilitating pain.

Accidents on the highway are already dangerous given the high rate of speed most vehicles are normally traveling. This, coupled with the limited time for drivers to react to extreme situations, often results in the tragic loss of life or life debilitating injuries.

For example, August 30, 2018, an accident on Interstate 40 in New Mexico left dozens injured and 7 people dead. The accident was caused after a semi truck traveling eastbound on I-40 blew out a tire, causing it to veer into traffic on the opposite side of the freeway. The semi truck crashed head-on into a Greyhound bus that was traveling from St. Louis to Phoenix.

As a result of the massive size of trucks these types of accidents really inflict a lot of damage. This accident forced the highway to be shut down for hours and, more tragically, sent 33 passengers from the bus to the Gallup Indian Medical Center.

Cases like this are unfortunately very common with everyday drivers being largely unaware of the possibility for extreme harm should someone’s negligence lead to an accident.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident involving a semi-truck, tractor trailer, or 18-wheeler, please know that you can reach out to our office. The Law Office of Domingo Garcia has someone available 24/7 to answer your calls and questions. We feel truly honored to be able to help so many people when they may be going through a very frustrating process.

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