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Attorney Domingo Garcia has been fighting for Dallas victims of car accidents for nearly four-decades. With offices in Dallas, Odessa, Tyler, Houston and Fort Worth, attorney Garcia serves any Texas metro and can help you with your claim. Our primary office is located at 1111 W. Mockingbird Lane, Suite #1200.

Attorney Domingo Garcia's Dallas office sits just blocks away from the UT Southwestern Medical Center, Parkland Hospital, DFW airport and just minutes from the metro area. As a Texas native, Domingo understands the importance of helping people in Dallas after a car accident, an injury, or the wrongful death of a loved one. Domingo's team of personal injury and accident attorneys are here to help you regardless of what your injury is; from being injured at work, in a car or 18-wheeler accident, an injury on someone's property, a construction injury or on-the-job injury, or help getting a Dallas police crash report. Attorney Domingo Garcia will fight for you and make sure the insurance company gives you what you deserve.

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Attorney Garcia is waiting to hear from you. If you or a loved one has an accident case, you can contact us for a free, no cost, consultation. Please fill out the form on this page or call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 214-941-8300, and one of our Dallas car accident attorneys will provide you for a free case review. We work on a contingency fee basis. This means, if we take on your case, you won’t have to pay us anything unless we a settlement of your Dallas car accident claim!

Attorney Domingo Garcia Settled this Fork Lift Work Injury Case for $3,000,000

Domingo Garcia’s has been representing accident victims for over 35 years! One of Domingo’s first legal victories happened in 1995 when a jury awarded his client, a car-accident victim, $1,100,000. As the years passed Domingo has surrounded himself with the highest skilled and qualified legal team that recently recovered $4,000,000 for our client who wrongfully passed away from a bar and alcohol-related crash. In 2019, accident attorney Domingo Garcia earned a spot in the Texas Top 50 Settlement for 2019 With over 35 years of experience and considered one of the best car accident attorneys, Domingo Garcia will ensure that all your worries, concerns, injuries and car damages are handled by a team solely dedicated to you. Let us deal with your problems and focus on your treatment and recovery to get better.

Have You Been Injured in a Dallas Car Accident? Call Our Dallas Car Accident Attorneys Right Now.

Hiring the Law Offices of Domingo Garcia immediately after your accident is the smartest thing you can do. Domingo Garcia is one of the best Dallas car accident attorneys. His name has grown to be respected and intimidating to insurance companies. Attorney Garcia will stand strong behind the principle that everyone is created equal. He will take the time to explain your rights.

Some benefits of hiring my firm to handle your case are:

  • FREE consultations: It is easy not to know what to do after an accident. You might even still be in shock. The simplest thing to do right now is just call my office and schedule a free consultation. Myself, or an attorney from my office will explain the entire insurance process to you, how to file an insurance claim after a Dallas car accident and how we go about investigating your Dallas car accident claim and getting you a fair money settlement.
  • FREE Medical treatment: Your health and well-being is our number one priority. If you decide to hire my firm one of the first things we will do is make sure you are seen by a Dallas car accident medical specialist; this will ensure you are getting the right treatment, and that we ask for accurate compensation for your injuries and long-term care.  We make sure you do not pay a penny out-of-pocket for your medical care until your case settles.
  • Figuring Out Property Damages: We have a team of specialists focused solely on making sure your insurance company is held responsible for any and all damages you have suffered. As Dallas car accident attorneys it is our job to fully assess your particular situation; from damages to your car, the belongings in your car at the time, lost wages from work, cost of a rental car, and much more. Our specialists will investigate your claim so we ask for everything you deserve.
  • Pain and suffering: Truth is some people are never the same after a car accident. Domingo Garcia will make sure your Dallas car insurance company and the defendant driver are held accountable for any suffering resulting from your accident. We care not only about your physical pain, but also any psychological or PTSD type injuries.

Domingo Garcia doesn’t just settle on the first offer he makes sure to get you every dollar that is rightfully owed.

Get Local Legal Advice. Get Help From a Dallas Accident Attorney

Attorney Domingo Garcia was elected Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas in 1995. He has led a long career of public service, and a commitment to justice for the everyday Texan. Dallas is home for attorney Garcia; a big growing city with new residents moving in everyday. Dallas has some of the most congested freeways and interstates in Texas, and with it we see more city accidents, fender benders, t-bone accidents, roll-over accidents, head-on collisions, side impact accidents, hit and run accidents, failure to yield accidents, uber and lyft accidents, and more. With nearly 7 million people in Dallas, attorney Domingo Garcia is proud to have his principal office located here in Dallas, TX.

Client Review: 5/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This has been the best experience we have ever had as far as communications and attention to detail is concerned. Initially, my husband and I made the mistake of thinking we would be able to settle his car accident claim easily ourselves as it was very straightforward and their client was at fault. After months of chasing our own tail, the professionals at the Law Office of Domingo Garcia came to our aid. Susan and Blanca made dealing with the claim a breeze. We received what were entitled to without getting stressed and frustrated. Mr Garcia also contacted us directly to make sure everything was being handled properly and in a timely fashion. Please do yourselves a favor and let the professionals do the negotiations for you!"

- Mitra Partow-Soroushi

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