Accidents and Injuries that Commonly Happen at Intersections

It can be difficult to predict when and where a car accident will occur. However, there are certain places where car crashes occur on a more regular basis, including intersections, rural roads, and parking lots. Regardless of where an accident takes place, being injured in a car crash can result in painful and debilitating injuries, which can be especially frustrating for those whose accidents were caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct.

Types of Intersection-Related Crashes

  • Failure to Yield causing collisions between oncoming vehicles, particularly when one is turning across traffic.
  • Rear-end crashes – often occurring because a following driver is distracted and does not realize the lead driver has stopped. Typically the driver who was following at an unsafe distance is cited for being at fault. However, drivers who fail to use their turn signal or stop unreasonably quickly may be held responsible for these types of crashes.
  • Side impact collisions or “T-bones”. These types of accidents typically involve a driver on one side running a red light, be it intentionally or while trying to make it through an intersection before a yellow light turns red.
  • Side-swipe collisions where one or more vehicles are turning.
  • Collisions into pedestrians and cyclists while turning left or right. According to Texas law pedestrians have the right of way. If pedestrians are crossing you must yield, if a driver fails to yield for a pedestrian in an intersection and hits them, the driver will often be liable for the accident.
  • Crashes at rail crossings

Visual Obstructions Leading to Intersection Accidents

Not all intersection accidents are caused by risking or careless behavior. Instead, some drivers might not see oncoming traffic or traffic signs and therefore enter the intersection at inopportune times, putting themselves in danger. For example, the following might block a driver’s line of sight:

  • Overgrown shrubs or branches that impede or block traffic signs, or other vehicles;
  • Missing traffic signals;
  • Parked cars that block the driver’s view;
  • Glare reflecting off parked cars that blinds drivers.

Depending on the circumstances, someone might be to blame for these visual obstructions. For example, the city or country might be responsible for properly trimming shrubbery so that it does not obstruct traffic signs.

Causes of Crashes at Intersections

Studies show that two of the most common reasons for intersection collisions are driver negligence and recklessness.

  • Running a red light together with ignoring the yield and stop signs are the most common causes of crashes in city traffic;
  • Inattention and inadequate sight distance to oncoming traffic when turning left or right;
  • Lack of intersection visibility (road users are not aware of the intersection);
  • Driver inattentiveness includes not observing other traffic at an intersection while being distracted by cellular phones, car radios etc.;
  • Tailgating which includes an attempt to forestall a red light by speeding up and bumping on another vehicle;
  • High approach speeds to the intersection;
  • Crashing into the sides of long vehicles that are often not visible to approaching drivers;
  • Collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles not visible to approaching trucks or failing to adhere to traffic control devices;
  • Poor visibility in dense fog, smoke or mist;
  • Lack of safe following distances;
  • Complex and confusing intersection layout, especially if you are driving through a city you are unfamiliar with;
  • Poor road surface condition or faulty intersections/traffic lights and signals.

Recovery after an Intersection Collision

If you have been injured in a collision, you might be entitled to compensation. At the Law Offices of Domingo Garcia, our clients have received financial compensation for lost wages, medical care, vehicle damage, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Because every situation is different, you should consult with one of our expert personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

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