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75 Deadliest Highways Across Texas

Have you or a loved one been injured on a Texas highway? Call the offices of Attorney Domingo Garcia, P.C., today for a free consultation. We have specialized personal injury attorneys ready to help you get the justice you deserve. We see so many people every year hurt in an auto accident on Texas roads, and it is no surprise knowing how many cars and trucks commute our roads every day!

As Texas continues to grow, now ranking as the 5th fastest growing state, we have also become home to 10% of fatalities suffered on our roads, highways and interstates. Looking at years of statistics we see that nearly 60 percent of Texas traffic fatalities happen on our, sometimes dated, network of roadways and interstates – around 75,000 miles altogether.

Texas ranks in the top 10 of major trade routes; we have a lot trucks and heavy traffic on our highways and freeways

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2019, nearly 300,000,000 vehicle miles were driven on Texas roads. Not only are millions of people using our roads, but so are thousands are companies moving goods and cargo destined for the nation. According a report published by Go Big In Texas (“The Logistical Heart of North America“) Texas ranks at the top, or very close to, in multiple trade sectors. This includes Deep Water Sea Ports, Commercial Airports, Railroads, International Border Traffic, and Logistics Workforce. As an example the Port of Houston ranks as the number one in total foreign trade at a major U.S. Port with 160 million tons of goods moving through the port.

Why there is so much traffic on Texas roads is just part of the story as to why we have such dangerous roads, and why we find such a high concentration of accidents on certain stretches of highway. We have billions of dollars of goods and services moving through our roads each day, and unfortunately safety isn’t always the first thing on the minds of these industries. Accident’s involving trucks and 18-wheelers are very common on these 75 highways in Texas.

RankRoadMile PointCityCrashesFatalitiesLength (Miles)Fatalities Per Mile
73IH 3552Abbott10115.182.12
44IH 30156Arlington21278.633.13
34SH 360136Arlington11113.193.45
70US 29066Austin13135.522.36
59FM 734166Austin10124.652.58
55US 183242Austin13155.42.78
45IH 35150Austin414414.133.11
37US 183125Austin19206.053.3
25SH 71232Austin12133.513.71
14US 29082Austin5102.174.6
43IH 10484Baytown23247.613.15
71IH 610222Bellaire11114.952.22
12IH 35191Bellmead12132.634.94
35US 6994Colmesneil5102.953.39
58IH 3550Cotulla9135.022.59
61US 290186Cypress11114.292.56
77SL 12128Dallas242616.881.54
65SH 1610Dallas11124.882.46
54IH 30155Dallas394315.462.78
46US 7571Dallas26278.783.08
29IH 635148Dallas8102.823.54
18IH 63566Dallas37399.544.09
15US 175130Dallas29368.014.49
13IH 35161Dallas38428.874.74
7IH 3592Dallas11142.675.25
9IH 2070Duncanville11112.165.1
1IH 69170Edinburg7121.498.05
66IH 1086El Paso10135.32.45
42IH 10195El Paso23268.163.18
68IH 2077Fort Worth18187.522.39
36IH 3593Fort Worth27298.623.37
27IH 820277Fort Worth242983.63
2IH 30124Fort Worth8141.997.05
24IH 2094Grand Prairie10102.623.81
75IH 1072Houston10105.631.78
72FM 109373Houston111152.2
67FM 1960304Houston10114.542.42
64FM 196028Houston14156.092.46
63SH 249227Houston17176.662.55
60SL 8101Houston12176.632.56
47IH 10198Houston28289.133.07
40IH 61068Houston28309.233.25
33Veterans Memorial0Houston10113.173.47
26IH 6978Houston31339.013.66
23SH 690Houston15174.443.83
20US 5940Houston22245.894.07
19SL 826Houston9122.954.07
17IH 45153Houston465011.784.24
8UA 9016Houston9101.915.23
6SH 647Houston16172.995.69
5SH 28859Houston28325.425.91
38SH 183128Irving10113.333.3
22IH 20133Lancaster16205.213.84
62IH 35179Lewisville11124.692.56
78SL 289126Lubbock111314.670.89
52US 69151Lufkin10113.932.8
74US 59168Nacogdoches14167.612.1
69IH 20200Odessa13135.512.36
57SH 191148Odessa25269.852.64
51SL 338231Odessa15186.382.82
49US 385118Odessa11124.092.93
32IH 20202Odessa10133.743.48
3IH 20152Penwell7182.936.15
41IH 10208Pinehurst9103.143.19
53US 281155Premont8155.362.8
76SL 1604254San Antonio13137.551.72
50SL 1387San Antonio11134.62.83
48FM 2252184San Antonio11113.742.94
31IH 410166San Antonio465014.283.5
28US 9052San Antonio9143.93.59
21IH 10140San Antonio25287.213.88
16IH 1084San Antonio10112.54.4
11Culebra Road0San Antonio8122.434.94
10IH 35128San Antonio11112.224.95
4IH 35101San Antonio9132.195.94
56US 75155Sherman12124.382.74
39IH 45239Spring343711.233.29
30IH 35198Wetmore25267.393.52

11 of Deadliest Stretches of Highway are Along I-35

**Study conducted by 1point21 interaction

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