Gina Giblin

Gina Giblin is an accomplished litigator. Upon graduation from law school, she embarked on a distinguished career as a prosecutor for the Jefferson County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. Her distinguished career and experience with this District Attorney’s office in Beaumont, Texas exemplified her sound judgment and fervor for litigation.
While Gina was diligent in her prosecution of criminal offenses as evidenced in over 80 successful jury trials, she was recruited by the Office of the Attorney General in Austin. She then became reputable as a member of the two person “Capital Litigation Team”. She are her fellow team member travelled the State of Texas trying capital murder cases mostly for small, rural counties.

After gaining valuable experience and word-of-mouth accolades for her distinct skill in the prosecution of capital offenses, Ms. Giblin joined the Travis County District Attorney’s Office. Gina enjoyed a reputation as a formidable trial opponent. Due to her diligence and talents, Gina was subsequently afforded the opportunity to try “high profile” cases involving murder, capital murder and other first degree felonies.

Having obtained the highest regard from both colleague and client alike, Gina then turned her focus on becoming an exceptional civil litigator. She joined the forces of DiCecco, Fant & Burman, a construction litigation law firm in Houston, Texas. Gina opened her own firm until she was fortunate enough to join the Law Offices of Domingo Garcia, PC.