Slip and Fall case. Settled. Client received $3,830.00.

Motor Vehicle Accident. Settled for $25,000. Client received $10,280.07

Glad to help our client Alberto Andrade who was injured on the job. He received $243,678.16. This is after paying his medical bills and attorney fees.

Case settle for $8000.00 Rolando Lopez: Net recovery $2,785.00.

Ms. Trejo’s total settlement was $45,000, netting her $19,887.19. She was very happy when she came in to our office to pick up her check.

Congrats to our Dallas attorneys Ryan Sorrells and Luke Lafitte on a big verdict for $100,000.00 plus interest and court costs today in Dallas county court at law no.2 for our client Hector Barron in a car wreck case. They beat a defense attorney who had not lost a case in 6 years. The pretrial…

Mr. Rojas received today a property damage check for the amount of $6,859.50 and loss of use check for the amount of $900.00. On property damage cases we charge no fees and do it as a courtesy for our clients.

Congrats to my Dallas attorneys Sam King and Luke Lefette who picked a jury and won in Dallas county court at law no.3. It was a car wreck case and after waiting 3 years , Farmers insurance had only offered 34,000.00 and we won $90,000.00! The policy limits were 50k but because they blew the…

Congrats to our new Houston attorney Lena Jospeh who in first trial for our office got a nice verdict of $68,000.00 – Medical submitted total: $31,822.00 for Irma and $9,192.00 for minor Daniella Pre-Trial Offers for Irma was $15,500.00 and Diana was $7,500.00 Jury awarded damages as follows: Irma Rodriguez (mother) – Spanish speaker $31,822.00…

Santos Sanchez vs. Hector’s Tire Service, Inc. –tried on March 6 and 7, 2017. Reeves County District Court Tire blow up Pretrial offer: $10,000.00 Medical: $22, 601.00 Verdict: $46,401.00 D: 100% negligent